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Newsy Video Virus

Video Virus: The Apple Store’s Lip-Synching YouTube Sensation Nicholi White

Nicholi White has become a YouTube sensation with lip-synched videos filmed at Manhattan’s midtown Apple store.

The adorable and resourceful 13 year-old made use of the Apple store’s display computers and web cameras to create over 70 videos.

Wearing Kanye West inspired shades and ignoring onlookers, White lip-syncs and dances in the midst of shoppers to a variety of hit songs from Black Eye Peas, Kid Cudi, and Lil’ Wayne, to name a few.

And if you thought White just lip-syncs, watch the clips where he says “stop calling me an asshole,” and another clip where he points out a guy in the store who harassed him.

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Beyonce TV Video Virus

Beyonce meets Fan And Youtube Star Shane Mercado

Move over Chris Crocker, and reset the fame clock because it’s time for Beyonce imitator Shane Mercado to cash in on his 15 minutes of YouTube fame.

The flexible dancer garnered a huge internet following when he posted a video of himself dancing to Beyonce’s new video Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It), showcasing his talent and a very skimpy bodysuit.

After making the rounds on morning news programs and The Bonnie Hunt Show, Mercado got the chance to meet his inspiration in person at the premiere of her latest film Cadillac Records in New York.

In case you missed the Youtube video…

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Chanel Iman Fashion Models Video Virus

Model Chanel Iman Introduces ‘ChanelImanTV’ on YouTube

One of Blindie’s favorite models Chanel Iman has joined the viral video community, creating her own YouTube channel, ChanelImanTV.

Besides galavanting around New York City with her besties, the up-and-coming model has clips of her glamming her mum up during a break at a photo shoot and dancing with her BFF (whom Blindie believes is Baby Phat junior designer Jerome from Kimora Lee’s reality TV show) to her favorite song on her laptop.

“The least I could do is make this YouTube channel for you,” she says in her first video post. “So you could get to know me better!”

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90210 Jessica Alba Politics Tristan Wilds

90210 2.0’s Tristan Wilds Raves About His ‘Muzzle’ to Jessica Alba in Declare Yourself Video

Newcomer Tristan Wilds, who plays Dixon on The CW’s 90210 2.0, appears in a Declare Yourself video with Jessica Alba and Hayden Panettiere.

Wilds (who you can see at about 30 seconds in) appears as Ricky in the satirical infomercial-esque viral vid that promotes a muzzle–which symbolically shows what you’re doing to yourself if you don’t vote.

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YouTube Fights For Your Right To Broadcast

Earlier this month, a judge ordered Google to turn over user data for YouTube as part of a $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit by Viacom and a class-action group led by the Football Association of England.

Viacom and the other parties of the lawsuit agreed to accept a stripped down version of the logs–with user names and computer Internet protocol addresses removed–after YouTube and privacy advocate groups balked at the request.

On Monday, YouTube said, “We remain committed to protecting your privacy and we’ll continue to fight for your right to share and broadcast your work on YouTube.”

In addition to the viewer logs, Viacom is seeking damages and an injunction prohibiting Google and YouTube from further infringement.

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