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Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious Rakes In $72.5 Million Breaking Box Office Records


Fast & Furious, the fourth installment in the sereis of speed demon flicks starring Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewater zoomed to the top spot in the box office raking in $72.5 million and breaking a plethora of records.

Here are the shattered records as reported by EW.com:
* Best April opening ever, beating Anger Management’s $42.2 mil
* Best Universal Pictures opening ever (three-day), beating The Lost World: Jurassic Park’s $72.1 mil
* Best F&F franchise opening ever, beating 2 Fast 2 Furious’ $50.5 mil
* Best opening yet in 2009, easily beating the bows of the more-buzzed-about Monsters vs. Aliens ($59.3 mil) and Watchmen ($55.2 mil)
* Best opening ever for stars Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster, as well as for director Justin Lin

Bonus: Best opening ever for a car-themed movie! (Beating Cars’ $60.1 mil.)

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VIDEO VIRUS: The Fake Thundercats Trailer Starring Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman And Vin Diesel

Children of the eighties rejoice! Not only is the Thundercats cartoon being made into a full-length movie, but a fake trailer for the film is making a big hot on the web.

Produced by WormyT who calls themself an “animator illustrator who loves movies…presently working as an artist in a videogame company,” the trailer features clips from a variety of action films pieced together with computer magic starring Brad Pitt as Lion-o, Hugh Jackman as Tygra, Vin Diesel as Panthro, and a CGI Garfield as Snarf.

All we can say is, the real Thundercats film from Warner Bros. due out in 2010 had better be good. Thundercats, HO!

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