Pac-Man Coming To A Theater Near You?

Children of the eighties rejoice! Word on the video game street is that former Marvel Studios chairman Avi Arad is planning to bring arcade powerhouse Pac-Man to the big screen.

The big yellow mouth will be made into a live-action character, an arcade geek (what else?) who will transform into Pac-Man and “use his Pac-Man powers to do the right thing,” Arad tells Fortune magazine.

Arad has herded countless comic book superheroes to the screen, including Spider-Man, Blade and Fantastic Four, but turning a video game into a film might be a bigger challenge with such flops as Super Mario Brothers (which still makes Nintendo fans cringe).

Let’s just hope the film, which is expected to chomp its way across movie screens in 2010, is nothing like this Pac-Man movie spoof.

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