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Obama’s First Post-Election Interview: Ebony Or 60 Minutes?

It’s the interview every news publication worth their salt, or still in business, is vying to get -the first post-election interview with President-elect Barack Obama.

Variety is boasting that CBS’ 60 Minutes has nabbed the first interview, but the sit-down doesn’t actually take place until Friday, and Reuters is reporting that Obama has already given an interview to Johnson Publishing’s Ebony magazine, one of the oldest black-owned publications.

So, Ebony scored the first print post-election interview while 60 Minutes nabbed the first television interview, but technically Ebony takes the prize for nabbing the overall first interview.

Obama spoke with the Chicago-based publication about political issues, the international reaction to his election and his hopes of capitalizing on the enthusiasm of his supporters.

“I’m very humbled by the fact that I stand on the shoulders of all the people who made these incredible contributions to lift this country up,” Obama said in the interview.

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Variety Calls CNN’s Black in America “Vanilla as Documentaries Get”

CNN’s documentary series, “Black in America,” earned negative reviews from Variety, which calls anchor Soledad O’Brien’s reporting “at best skin-deep…This project is ultimately about as vanilla as documentaries get.”

With its three parts (“The Black Woman & Family,” “King Assassination” and “The Black Man”), the series, according to Variety, “seems like a Nickelodeon special for kids who have never met a black person–aimed at an audience completely naive about the African-American experience.”

What do you think?

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