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Critic Says Twilight ‘Trespassed’ Taylor Lautner & Nikki Reed with ‘Race-Changing Makeup’

A film review of Twilight by the University of Minnesota’s student paper criticizes Summit Entertainment for changing the skin color of actors Taylor Lautner (who plays Native American Jacob Black) and Nikki Reed (who plays translucent blond vampire Rosalie Hale) to fit their roles in the blockbuster vampire flick.

“The make-up artists and casters, for some reason or another, decided that it was ok to change the race of actors if need be, and did so in at least two noticeable occasions,” critic Rebecca Lang, who calls these actions “trespasses,” says.

“Taylor Lautner is painted brown and given a long black wig to play the Native American character Jacob Black,” she points out, “and Thirteen star Nikki Reed appears to have been bleached white and stuck in a blonde wig. Naturally quite striking, the new look leaves her … puffy.”

While Lautner is actually part-Native American, Reed previously admitted that her transformation was the most dramatic. The brunette admitted to damaging her hair to go blond and even going as far as undergoing skin-bleaching procedures to lighten her glowing olive complexion.

“I had the biggest transformation out of everybody,” Reed said during press junkets for the film. “I actually dyed my hair blonde and bleached my skin. Everything of mine that I associate with myself, like my mole, that was all gone. So I had to look in the mirror and see a different person every day.”

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GIMME FIVE: Must-Have 2009 Calendars, Including Kim Kardashian, Twilight And Bubble Wrap

What better way to ring in the New Year than with a calendar that reflects your obsessions?

Whether you’re a vampire fanatic, a horny teenage boy, or a gun-toting Republican, there’s a calendar out there just for you.

Here are Blindie’s five must-have calendars for 2009:

This 16-month calendar from Stephenie Meyer’s theatrical adaptation of Twilight is being touted as the only one available from the teen vampire flick. With loads of photos of Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, and even Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, plus a hefty pricetag of over $50, this calendar is for the die-hard fan.

Kim Kardashian’s sexy 12-month calendar was originally intended as a one year anniversary gift for boyfriend Reggie Bush, but is now available to every schoolboy. The sultry 28 year-old confessed to working out “like crazy” and even undergoing cellulite treatment “in order to make this the hottest shoot ever.”

This 13-month calendar features over 50 photos, some “never before seen,” of former vice-presidential candidate Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, her family and her trusty rifle.

If you still don’t think the Obama gold dollar coin is worth ten bucks then this 16-month calendar featuring photos and memorable quotes from the 44th U.S. president might prove to be a better investment.

This trendy bubble wrap calendar allows you to pop through 365 days of the year and even provides extra bubbles to burst as you satisfy your daily cravings of the addictive shipping material.

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Rosario Dawson on Twilight Books: ‘It’s Ridiculous, It’s Like Crack Cocaine’

Blindie can remember when we first got hooked on the Twilight saga, dedicating entire days to reading the four books by author Stephenie Meyer. Now it seems there’s another victim to the vampire series: Rosario Dawson!

“I just read the first book, it’s ridiculous, it’s like crack cocaine. I read it for 10 hours straight until I finished it,” Dawson, told People magazine at the Seven Pounds premiere Monday.

“My dad is going to hate me, because I spend zero time with him, reading these books,” the 29-year-old beauty added. “It’s like Judy Blume and Anne Rice had a child and made this book. I’m so attracted.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Associated Press

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Ethnicity Revealed, Part 2: Zoe Saldana, Taylor Lautner, Cash Warren And More

Here is the second installment of Blindie’s on-going quest to uncover the racial identity of some of Hollywood’s multi-racial celebrities.

Wentworth Miller: The Prison Break star played a young Anthony Hopkins trying to hide his African American heritage in 2003’s The Human Stain and in real life, Miller’s racial make-up reads like a laundry list of races and includes African American, Jamaican, German, Jewish, Lebanese, and Syrian, just to name a few.

Rosario Dawson: the Seven Pounds star has a mother of Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban background and a father of Irish and Native American heritage.

Taylor Lautner: the teen star plays Quileute tribe member Jacob Black in the vampire flick Twilight and lays claim to French, Dutch and German as well as Native American ancestry in real life.

Zoe Saldana: the Star Trek beauty was born in New Jersey and has a Puerto Rican mother and a Dominican father.

Corbin Bleu: the High School Musical triple threat has a mother of Italian heritage and a father of Jamaican ancestry.

Cash Warren: the Yale University grad is married to Jessica Alba and is the son of the African American actor of the 1980s hit series Hill Street Blues Michael Warren.

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CBS Makes Huge Blunder Taking The Ex List Off The Air

One of Blindie’s favorite new shows, CBS ‘s hour-long comedy The Ex List, has been taken off the network’s schedule.

With only four episodes that have aired thus far, the hilarious and witty show (Blindie hasn’t seen something as female-oriented and smart like The Ex List since the original Gilmore Girls), starring the amazing Elizabeth Reaser, is about a 30-something searching for her soul mate among her long roster of exes.

Despite the major setback, we’re looking forward to seeing Reaser as Esme in November’s Twilight based on the first installment in Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series.

Watch Reaser in all her glory on The Ex List here at CBS.com.

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Ga Ga: Grey’s Anatomy Alum Elizabeth Reaser in New CBS Series The Ex List

Actress Elizabeth Reaser first stole Blindie’s heart as Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca in Grey’s Anatomy, a guest role that earned her an Emmy Award and a SAG Award nomination. Now, the pretty brunette with serious acting chops has her own show: CBS’s The Ex List.

In the new series–which premieres on October 3–Reaser plays Bella Bloom, a singleton who happens to visit a psychic who tells her she will marry a man she’s already met–but she has to do it within a year.

The premise is adorable and will be a sure-fire chick hit. It’s tag line says, “She’s making a list and kissing them twice.”

A Michigan native, Reaser attended New York’s acclaimed The Julliard School. Her film credits include The Family Stone, with Claire Danes and SJP, and The Believer, with Ryan Gosling. She can next be seen in the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s popular book series, Twilight.

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