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Ga Ga: Football Player Dhani Jones Tackles The Globe On The Travel Channel


Photo: Paul Pugliese

Dhani Jones is on a mission to prove there is life beyond football -an adventurous one that involves globe-trotting and a multitude of grueling sports, on the Travel Channel’s Dhani Jones Tackles The Globe.

A self-proclaimed renaissance man, the Cincinnati Bengals linebacker was named one of PEOPLE magazine’s Sexiest Bachelors in 2005 and most recently vowed to crush newlywed Tom Brady of the New England Patriots in a hilarious ESPN video.

Jones makes his first stop on The Globe in Thailand and shows off some impressive athletic skills as he wins a Muay Thai martial arts match, a bit of charm as he fends of the lady-boys in the red light district, and a great sense of humor as he chows down on fried crickets, bumblebees and cockroaches from a street vendor.

Blindie is ga ga for Dhani Jones and his globe-trotting show that blends sports, travel, food, and red light districts!

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