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Blindie Exclusive: Sorority Forever‘s Candice Patton Talks Family, Music & Career

Blindie recently chatted with newcomer Candice Patton of The WB online’s Sorority Forever and we couldn’t help but to ask if there was any celeb relations between her and actress Paula Patton of Swing Vote and Mirrors.

“That’s so funny, someone asked me that yesterday,” the Texas native told Blindie. “I don’t think I am. I’m gonna say no, but you never know.”

While she may not be related to the other Patton, she does make another famous connection: “I get that a lot with Usher, because I guess his family’s last name is Patton. I don’t know. He may be like a distant cousin.”

As for her own family, she says, “I have super supportive parents who kind of said, ‘This is what you love, we’ll support you and pay for you to go to school and study it.’ It’s a dream come true to…have them move me out here to Los Angeles of all places and get my feet on the ground and have some kind of success.”

Although her resume reads like a who’s who of daytime soaps, from The Young and the Restless to Days of our Lives, Patton confesses to finding artistic fulfillment in quirky indie films. “I really, really enjoy independent films,” she says. “Things that are a little quirkier, that are a little more offbeat than the big blockbuster films.”

Patton’s indie taste even extends to music as she admits to being a fan of folk soul and raves about singer Ray Lamontagne (who performs a mean acoustic cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”).

As for Sorority Forever, Patton, who missed out on the Greek experience while studying theater at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, says, “Spending everyday with these girls they become like your sister…we call each other sis and we’re like ‘hey sissy’, like we’re in a Greek sorority.”

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The WB Is Back As An Online-Only Network

The network that brought us The Jamie Foxx Show, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Animaniacs is back!

After going off the air in 2006 to make room for The CW, The WB returns as an online network offering up fan favorites originally aired on other networks like Friends, The O.C., and Veronica Mars, and some original content made especially for the web.

So far Blindie is liking the WB webisodes that have been rolled out, especially A Boy Wearing Makeup with Alabama native Mathieu Francis (looking like a glammed up Pete Wentz). We just love a boy giving “basic training” tips on makeup application!

Sorority Forever is also quickly rising on our fave list with a black character played by newcomer Candice Patton, and Charlie’s Angels director and Chuck executive-producer Joseph “McG” Nichol behind the series. We’re sure McG has some Skull and Bones surprises lurking around the corner.

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