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Gossip Girl Watch: Art And Unrequited Love

The Gossip Girl crew is up to their old tricks of scheming and hooking up with each other! And the new cutie on the scene, Aaron Rose played by John Patrick Amedori (of Stick it fame!), adds some much needed new blood to the romance drama.

Taylor Momsen must be having the best season ever as her character Jenny Humphrey goes from high school drop out to fashion intern to chic party girl all in the blink of an eye. Next week she’s a hot new breakout designer!

Here are Blindie’s top ten moments from Gossip Girl‘s “Pret-a-Poor-J” episode:

  1. Eleanor Waldorf convinces Jenny to remake her dress design so she can pass it off as a Waldorf original to the Barneys and Bendel buyers, but like a true teenager Jenny hangs out and turns in a sloppy piece of work.
  2. Jenny tells off Eleanor, takes back her designs and quits! All on the advice and prompting of her new friend Agnes who kept her out all night and ran off in the dress she was supposed to work on.
  3. Serena has found new artsy indie guy Aaron Rose to romance. Too bad he just rode away on his motorcycle with another girl! But we hear Amedori is signed up for at least three more episodes, plenty of time for him to get it on with Serena and make Dan jealous.
  4. More genius dialogue!: “Ever since Charlize Theron became the face of Dior I’ve been wanting to change my signature scent,” Blair tells Chuck; and “Unfortunately there was no hard evidence…literally,” Blair says of her failed attempt at turning Chuck on.
  5. Blair tries every trick in the book to seduce Chuck, including candles and even spilling a drink on his crotch, but alas her “itch” never gets scratched. They both decide to put off their love affair because “Chuck and Blair go to the movies” and “Chuck and Blair hold hands” just doesn’t sound right.
  6. Dan Humphrey coaches Blair as she tries to bed Chuck.
  7. Oh the irony, as Dan explains to Vanessa that Blair is humane and Vanessa tells Dan that Chuck is actually the human one.
  8. Jenny dances around in her bra with new bestie Agnes while Max the photographer snaps away on his camera. We can’t wait to see what blog those photos will turn up on!
  9. Nate walks in on a shirtless Jenny and her new friends, and like a knight in shining armour he whisks her away before she gets taken advantage of. Too late, she’s a minor who was just photographed in her undies -sounds like borderline child pornography to us!
  10. Jenny and Nate kiss! Is there anyone Nate hasn’t hooked up with?! Does Jenny have to take everything that was once Blair’s?


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Gossip Girl Watch: Seduction And Homelessness On The Upper East Side

Is this Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill? Why is Nate Archibald squatting at his foreclosed home and Chuck Bass buying a socially-conscious piece of real estate in Brooklyn to help out Vanessa. Oh wait, Chuck bought the property as part of a plan to bed Blair, and Nate still has the family house in the Hamptons. Phew, for a second we thought the Upper East Side was turning into Bizarro World!

Here’s a round-up of the most bizzaro moments:

  1. Blair enlists Chuck to take down Vanessa Abrams by seducing her, and when he calls the bet off Blair ups the stakes by offering herself up as a prize.
  2. Dan finds out that trust fund Nate is practically homeless and sleeping on the floor at his empty townhouse. And in true goody two-shoe form, Dan moves the poor little rich kid into his Brooklyn loft by the time the show is over.
  3. There’s another black character on the show! (the other one being Nicole Fiscella’s character Isabel Coates, who has all but disappeared this season) And Chuck bonds with him! Too bad the character, who is named Horace, is that stereotypical old wise sage reminiscent of a Morgan Freeman character.
  4. Serena turns the bitch switch on with her mom as she embarasses her in front of the press at their publicity house-warming party by bringing up her brother’s drug past.
  5. Chuck allows Vanessa to see his softer side, and even drops his Carlton-inspired accent for a moment.
  6. Eric van der Woodsen is so scandalous! He’s gay! And he used to be such a raging coke head that he once left nose candy on all “the smooth, shiny surfaces” in the house!
  7. Emmy award-winning dialogue like Chuck telling Blair, “If you thought that was long, you have no idea what you’re in for” right before he seduces her.
  8. Blair refuses to say those “three little words, eight letters” to Chuck, even though she wanted him to say it in the season premiere.
  9. Blair gets jealous when she catches Chuck and Vanessa getting close.
  10. Chuck turns the tables on Blair and leaves her in the throes of passion with this priceless parting remark, “I’ve chased you long enough, now it’s time you chase me.” Game on!
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Gossip Girl: Bar Fights, Catfights, And College Drama!

Gossip Girl goes Ivy League as our spoiled little Upper Eastsiders bring their prep school drama to the New Haven campus of Yale University. Meanwhile, Jenny Humphrey is trying to convince her father to let her drop out of school and get home schooled like the very unpreppy Vanessa.

Here are Blindie’s top moments:

  1. Nate finds out the whole Yale campus is calling his dad the modern-day Michael Milken, that “Junk Bond King” of the 1980s who was indicted for insider trading, so he pretends to be Dan Humphrey.
  2. Little Jenny takes her dad Rufus to her job at Eleanor Waldorf’s studio to convince him to let her drop out of St. Jude’s and become Eleanor Waldorf’s full-time fashion bitch!
  3. Dan catches Nate using his name in order to get it on with a cute english major! Well, at least Nate is hooking up with girls closer to his age.
  4. A Skull and Bones-like fraternity hijacks Chuck and then compares his notorious womanizing reputation to that of John Mayer!
  5. Even though Serena was planning on applying to the slacker’s Ivy League, Brown University, she tries her hardest to steal Blair’s Yale dreams by charming the Dean.
  6. Nate tells Dan off for being self-righteous, telling him “don’t you ever get tired of carrying that chip around your shoulder….no wonder Serena dumped you!”
  7. When Blair isn’t invited to the Dean’s “intimate gathering” she bribes his cat-loving secretary to give her his home address by buying her antique porcelain cats from Christie’s!
  8. Blair pulls a Georgina and tries to humiliate Serena at the Dean’s party by preying upon her demon Pete Fairmont, the guy who overdosed on cocaine and left Serena riddled with guilt.
  9. Blair and Serena throw down in a hair-pulling catfight! Serena even snatches Blair’s headband off! So uncalled for!
  10. First Dan and Chuck threw down at a bar, and now Nate proves he’s not too much of a WASPoid to get into a bar fight as he reveals his identity to the frat guys that mistakenly tied up Dan to the school statue in nothing but his boxers.
  11. Blair says to Serena, “I’m sick of always looking like Darth Vader next to Barbie Sunshine!” as they both agree to call a cease fire.
  12. When Chuck is confronted by the fraternity for tricking them he shuts them up with incriminating photos and in true Chuck Bass style he says “you may be the future leaders…but you are now under the control of Chuck Bass, I own you!”
  13. After causing a scene at the Dean’s house with Serena, Blair laments “we’re probably gonna end up at Hunter!” Yikes, even poor girl Vanessa is trying for NYU.
  14. Nate ditches a limo ride back to New York with Chuck for a train ride with his new BFF “hum-drum” Dan Humphrey.


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