Rosario Dawson on Reading Seven Pounds Script: ‘I Was a Weepy Mess’

Rosario Dawson, who is back in the movie business after taking time off for the election, sobbed the first time she read the script for her upcoming film, Seven Pounds, on a flight to Los Angeles.

Playing a woman with a heart condition who falls for Smith’s character, Dawson said, “I loved it so much… I’m not a public crier per se, and I’m just sitting on this plane with people… I was a weepy mess.”

After seeing the drama (due out this Christmas) at a screening with her costar, Dawson added, “I was sitting there… crying, with a tissue, trying to be cool about it. Will walked out crying and I was like, ‘Oh, thank God – not just me.'”

Did You Know?: Rosario Dawson Was Supposed To ‘Make A Porno’ With Kevin Smith

One of Blindie’s favorite beauties, actress Rosario Dawson, was director Kevin Smith’s first choice for the starring role, opposite Seth Rogen, in Zach and Miri Make a Porno.

But the New York native, who worked with Smith in Clerks 2, dropped out to make the Shia LaBeouf film Eagle Eye, giving W. star Elizabeth Banks a shot at stardom.

Dawson, who is currently taking off this season to get the Latino vote out with her organization VotoLatino, can next be seen opposite Will Smith in Seven Pounds.

VIDEO: Rosario Dawson & Wilmer Valderrama’s New VotoLatino PSA

La Pasion De La Decision – Episode 5

VotoLatino founder Rosario Dawson has a new PSA starring Wilmer Valderrama, Jane Fonda and Perez Hilton.

In the fifth episode of their telenovela-esque voting series, La Pasion De La Decision, Dawson and Valderrama are married by blogger Hilton, as politically active screen legend Fonda sassily looks on (“I can’t believe she wore white!”).

Rosario Dawson: ‘I Was Walking in Marches…Back When Al Sharpton Still Wore Sweatsuits!

Politically active actress and Voto Latino founder Rosario Dawson shares her desire to help others in a special series for Newsweek.

“I really want to be doing meaningful things. I think that comes with being 29. That’s a natural progression,” Dawson writes in the weekly magazine. “I was walking in marches with my mom when I was 10, back when Al Sharpton still wore sweatsuits.”

The Eagle Eye star, who grew up in a New York City “squat,” adds, “It took a long time for me to realize how to commit that celebrity value to something that I really believed in. I don’t want to just be the spokesperson for something; I want to be affected by it as well.”

At the Movies: Will Smith & Rosario Dawson Reunite For Oscar Gold in Seven Pounds

Summer was all about the blockbuster, but now it’s time for Oscar…and Will Smith returns from ruling the box office via Hancock with his December release of Seven Pounds.

Directed by Gabriele Muccino (The Pursuit of Happyness), the drama, which refers to the weight of the human heart, stars Smith as an IRS agent who tries to redeem himself by helping seven strangers–and one of them is the beautiful Rosario Dawson, whom he falls for.

Rosario Dawson Tapping into Hispanic Vote via Voto Latino

Actress Rosario Dawson is tapping into the Hispanic vote via Voto Latino, a site that is reaching out to Latino voters on the web using multi-platform technology.

“For me, as a second-generation American, Voto Latino is personal,” Dawson, who starred in a PSA for the site with Wilmer Valderrama, told Variety. “I’m proud to say that a lot of my work has helped shed light on this often misunderstood electorate.”

The site, which has been in development since 2004, was started by Dawson and political consultant Maria Teresa Petersen.

“We created the first voter registration engagement programs that involved iTunes, MySpace, YouTube, radio stations and youth-space networks,” Peterson said. “And we were the first organization on a national level to use kids text messaging and the first to use viral videos like telenovelas.”

Since the beginning of the year, Voto Latino has registered more than 22,000 people in the U.S. on their website.


Rosario Dawson Gets Web Savvy with Gemini Division

Our favorite former Kid, Rosario Dawson, is starring in the new online sci-fi series, Gemini Division–the “first Web series to feature a bona fide Hollywood star,” according to Wired magazine.

In the groundbreaking series, which has been picked up by NBC, Dawson plays Anna Diaz, a New York City detective dealing with an international sci-fi conspiracy as part of a special task force called Gemini Division.

“She looks like she can kick some ass,” says screenwriter Brent Friedman, who is producing the web serial (which is shot in a confessional narrative style, a la Lonelygirl15) with director Stan Rogow and Jeff Sagansky, as part of their production company, Electric Farm Entertainment

“The thing that’s succeeded on the Web — besides, obviously, porn — is people themselves,” the 29-year-old Dawson, who co-created the comic Occult Crimes Taskforce, tells the magazine. “They’re putting up their own stuff — really off the cuff, no money involved. So we’re taking a huge risk. But it’s exciting to be part of something new. Even if we mess it up, we were the first, you know? That’s kind of awesome in itself.”

Dawson’s foray into online media premieres August 18 on