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Prince Harry Tells Black Comedian ‘You Don’t Sound Like a Black Chap’

Prince Harry may be Blindie’s fave royal to watch, but the flame-haired Prince of Wales is really starting to lose our respect with his loose talk.

According to black comedian Stephen K. Amos, Harry told him during his performance at Prince Charles’ 60th birthday in November, “You don’t sound like a black chap.”

“I wanted to say, ‘How is I supposed to sound?'” Amos said on the UK show The Wright Stuff.

Former Commission for Racial Equality chairman Lord Herman Ouseley said, “It is very sad that Prince Harry thinks black people all talk in the same way. It just goes to show how ill-educated members of the upper classes can be.”

It was only last month that Harry made offensive remarks (“Paki”, “raghead”) about people from Pakistan and those of Arab descent in a home video.

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