Pussycat’s Nicole Scherzinger Planning Hawaiian New Year’s With Lewis Hamilton

The Pussycat Doll’s lead singer Nicole Scherzinger wants to bring her boyfriend champion Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton home to Hawaii for New Year’s Eve.

A friend of Scherzinger says, “Nicole is really excited about taking Lewis home to Hawaii. She’s thinking of hiring a private luxury yacht to celebrate his birthday with his friends and family.”

The sexy 30 year-old singer has said of 23 year-old Hamilton “I definitely think he could be The One,” and revealed at the most recent MTV Video Music Awards they are house hunting together.

“We would love to have beautiful angel babies together one day,” Scherzinger has said. “We would sing Don’t Cha to them in my belly.”

We hope when Scherzinger and Hamilton have those angel babies, they change the line “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?” to something more baby friendly.

Ethnicity Revealed: Jessica Szhor, Vanessa Hudgens And Many Others

What’s their ethnicity? It’s the question on everyone’s mind and Blindie has done a little racial profiling to satisfy your inquiring minds.

Here is the racial scoop on the most ambiguous ethnic people in Hollywood:

Jessica Szohr: Gossip Girl‘s not-so-rich gal pal had us all guessing when she kept offering up ethnic delights from pierogies to souvlaki on the show. The real deal is that Szohr boasts a mix of African American, Caucasian, and Hungarian.

Vanessa Hudgens: The High School Musical triple threat touts a mother of Filipino descent and a father of Irish and Native American heritage.

Nicole Scherzinger: The Pussycat Doll was born in Hawaii to a Filipino father and a Hawaiian/Russian mother.

Fred Armisen: Saturday Night Live‘s funnyman may play African American presidential candidate Barack Obama in skits but he actually lays claim to German, Japanese and Venezualan heritage.

Gabrielle Reece: The statuesque volleyball beauty owes her beach affinity to her island roots. She was born to a Trinidadian father and a white mother on the island of Trinidad and raised in the Virgin Islands.

Cassie: The model turned Bad Boy recording artist has a Filipino father and a mother of West Indian, African American and Mexican descent.