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Confessions of an ObamaVoter

Confessions of an ObamaVoter: Presidential Debate Round Two

Rising tensions and fierce rhetoric served as the backdrop to the second Presidential debate.

Sen. John McCain’s Machiavellian rhetoric to paint Sen. Barack Obama as this dangerous “other” has gotten so insidious, that the call of death threats to the Illinois Senator can be heard from the voices of their supporters…all while McCain idly stands by.

The Obama camp countered the character attacks by raising McCain’s role in the Keating 5 with a short documentary. McCain’s past of stifling economic regulation while having his pockets lined with lobbyist wealth is a legacy that continues today. McCain’s campaign is run by the major lobbyists and his former chief economic advisor Phil Gramm, who called us a nation of whiners, was an architect of the deregulatory policies that led us to our current financial crisis.

Now, the second debate: a town hall style which McCain has been crying for throughout the election. It was a format that was supposed to favor McCain. But it was Obama that established further credibility as commander in chief with his empathy for the middle class, swift refutations of McCain’s false assertions, economic vision, and foreign policy wisdom.

McCain managed to make condescending arguments without factual support. He consistently attempted to diminish Obama and called him “that one”…terminology, intentional or not, that fits the pattern of his campaigns recent tone. Thankfully, the character smears managed to stay out of the debate.

Although McCain claims to put “country first,” it’s Obama who put the concerns of the nation foremost…ahead of campaign attacks and personal ambition. He has shown grit under the endless attacks from his political rivals.

But the new malevolent intent of McCain camp is the last straw. It is time to come to Obama’s defense. We will not be divided. We will not be conquered. We are one hope that will carry Obama to the White House.

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Confessions of an ObamaVoter

Confessions of an ObamaVoter: Barack Obama & John McCain Go Head to Head in Debate

Senators Barack Obama and John McCain locked horns for the first of three debates on Friday, where each candidate appeared on the same stage and magnified their differences.

In terms of physical presence, Obama appeared much more comfortable, moving naturally, and maintained eye contact to clearly convey engagement.

McCain, on the other hand, looked awkward and irritated. His movements were also stifled, as his limited range of motion in his shoulders made him look like an outstretched Frankenstein. He rarely looked at Obama and chortled dismissively at Obama’s points.

As for substance, Obama reigned when it came to the economy while McCain was pretty much an expert on foreign policy.

One of the best zingers of the night though came after McCain patted himself on the back with his surge strategy, and Obama came back with a searing litany of McCain’s judgmental failures over the course of the Iraq war…an argument which left McCain befuddled as he was forced to dispute his own flawed words.

When directly compared to Obama, McCain simply does not match the capacity, conviction, and collective support to navigate the nation through these chaotic times. It’s easy to see why McCain used his campaign suspension stunt in a failed attempt to dodge going toe to toe with Obama.

Obama demonstrated, with clear purpose, the direction that the country should go…where it must go. The movement that began in Springfield on a cold February day, fortified with the hope of the American people, continues to march on to November.

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