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Race Matters

Black Nerds: The Culture May Be Lily-White, But So Is Golf–And Tiger Still Reigns

Ta-Nehisi Coates of TheAtlantic.com dedicates his latest post on “Nerd Culture and Black People–Not an Oxymoron,” where he briefly rants on the racial prejudice of saying everything from gaming to Dungeons & Dragons is exclusively white.

Noting the amount of black skaters on the scene, Coates writes, “It’s true that gaming culture is predominantly white. But so is golf. And so is tennis. And so are most debate teams. And so is Harvard…The close-mindedness, the ignorance and prejudices of the privileged are always overlooked; meanwhile, such qualities among the poor are always moral failings.”

What Blindie found interesting is what commenter John Henry wrote: “The fact is there are plenty of black nerds. Many of them are either in the closet, Muslim, or in the church. Their intelligence is masked by their assimilation into an ultra-macho culture. Or its channeled into an alternatively socially acceptable,strong, pro-black ideology. Or, its spent studying the Bible.”

Recently there seems to be an outing of nerd culture, and no other group is heading this movement further than the Black Nerds Network, which proclaims, “Spread the word, you beautiful nerd!”

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ObamaNation: John McCain vs. Barack Obama in Pop Culture Showdown

After John McCain compared Barack Obama to Britney & Paris in a recent campaign ad, the presidential candidates sound-off on where they stand on some major pop culture issues in Entertainment Weekly‘s new feature, “The Great Presidential Pop-Culture Debate.”

Readers get a chance to see what entertains both the Democratic and Republican nominees (Did you know? McCain’s a huge ABBA fan? And the last videogame Obama played was “Pong”?). Here are a few choice battles between McCain and Obama:

First Movie Ever Seen

McCain: Bambi (Hmmm…New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd calls Obama “Bambi”!)

Obama: Born Free

American Idol Pick

McCain: Jordin Sparks

Obama: David Archuleta (Daughters Malia & Sasha are big Archie Fans)

Favorite Onscreen Presidents

McCain: Dennis Haysbert in 24

Obama: Jeff Bridges in The Contender ( “He was charming and essentially an honorable person, but there was a rogue in about him.”)

PHOTO: Entertainment Weekly

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