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Bryan Clay Named USA Track & Field’s Athlete Of The Week

After taking home the gold at the Olympics in Beijing, decathlete Bryan Clay has been named USA Track & Field’s Athlete of the Week. Clay finished the two-day decathlon competition just 10 seconds shy of beating the Olympic record, but won by a 240-point margin–the largest since 1972.

Born in Texas to an African American father and a Japanese mother, he was raised in Hawaii and joined the track club as a child to channel his energy. Standing at a height of 5’11” he is considered small for a decathlete, but Clay proved he had the speed, strength, skill, stamina, endurance, and perseverance to win the 10-event competition and joins the league of great American decathletes like Jim Thorpe, Bill Toomey and Bruce Jenner.

Dubbed “Hawaii’s Hero” in the press and considered the “World’s Greatest Athlete,” Clay, who also won the silver at the 2004 Olympics in Athen, says “It’s been a little while since we had the Olympic gold medal in the decathlon brought back to the States. I’m happy with being the person to do it. I hope the Wheaties box and all those types of things happen. I’d love for that to happen. I’d love for this to be a spark for the decathlon and bring it back to the forefront of track and field.”

The married man and father of two credits Christianity as a strong force in his life and gives back to his community with the Bryan Clay Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to provide Hawaiian students in need with support to pursue college.

PHOTO: Reuters

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Race Matters Sports

Ga Ga: British Gymnast Louis “Loopy Lou” Smith

Louis Smith became the first British gymnast to win an individual medal in 100 years, after winning the bronze in the pommel horse finals on Sunday.

The mixed race 17 year-old, his father is Jamaican and his mother is white, hails from a village just outside of Peterborough in the eastern part of England. Nicknamed Loopy Lou as a child for being hyperactive, Smith followed in his older brother’s footsteps and began training at the Huntingdon Gymnastics Club at the tender age of four. He credits his skill on the pommel horse to his bad behavior as a child which was disciplined with 200 circles on the horse.

Smith acknowledges the significance of being a black man in the predominately white gymnastics field, “I like to feel I’m doing my roots proud.” The young gymnast who has a tattoo between his broad shoulders that reads “what I deserve, I earn” even sported a big afro last year as an example of his pride. “I want to revolutionize gymnastics” he declares.

Blindie is ga ga for the dashing Louis Smith whose skillful moves on the pommel horse are bringing sexy to gymnastics.

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Fashion Ga Ga Models Movies

Ga Ga: Male Model Pierre Woods in Ralph Lauren Olympics Ad Campaign

New York Model Management’s Pierre Woods has got Blindie’s heart racing with his ads for The Olympic Collection by Ralph Lauren.

“To see yourself in an advertisement while you are walking down the street is kind of breathtaking,” the 26-year-old stunner recently said. “And it’s rewarding to know that you are being a part of something that’s above yourself. It’s something the entire country is sharing.”

Beyond his beauty, Woods has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Illinois State University on an athletic scholarship.

“He’s the next Tyson Beckford,” a source close to the model tells Blindie. Although he seems to be following Beckford’s Ralph Lauren footsteps, we’re also rooting for Wendell Lissimore.

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Accolades Cullen Jones Europe Feuds Sports

Cullen Jones and the Men’s USA Relay Swim Team Win Gold—Beating Trash Talking French

The amazing swimming foursome from the USA, Cullen Jones, Michael Phelps, Garrett Weber-Gale, and Jason Lezak, shatter the world record in the mens 400-meter freestyle relay race in Beijing, beating the French, who recently trashed the Americans in the press.

Crossing the finish line at 3 minutes, 8.24 seconds, the Americans took the gold medal, with the French nabbing silver and the Australians taking bronze. Jones is the second African American to win a gold medal in swimming.

“We love listening to hear people talk stuff about us,” Jones said in response to French swimmer Alain Bernard, who made headlines for telling sports newspaper L’Equipe, “The Americans? We’re going to smash them. That’s what we came for.”

“This is our event,” said Phelps, whose dream of making Olympic history is still alive.


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Cullen Jones Race Matters Sports

Olympic Swimmer Cullen Jones Makes A Splash

Twenty-four year old Cullen Jones is the third African American to make an U.S. Olympic swimming squad and he is determined to dispel the myths that black people can’t swim or are biologically less buoyant than white people (as laughably outlined in a 1969 study called “The Negro and Learning to Swim“).

While it is common for most West Indians and coastal Africans to be adept at swimming there are three major historical factors in America that have kept blacks out of the water: slave owners preventing them from learning to swim so they wouldn’t run away; segregation that prevented blacks from using public pools; and economic disadvantage.

After a 2007 study commissioned by USA Swimming and the University of Memphis found that 60 percent of African-American children couldn’t swim, Cullen Jones partnered with the USA Swimming Foundation’s “Make a Splash Program.”

In addition to teaching kids to swim, Cullen Jones acts as an example for black youth as he strives to be the second African American Olympic swimmer to win a gold medal (Anthony Ervin became the first when he won the 50 meter freestyle in a tie with Gary Hall Jr. in 2000).

Jones will compete at the Beijing Olympic Games in August.

PHOTO: Daniel Johnson

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Accolades James Blake Sports Venus & Serena Williams

Blake, Williams Sisters Heading to China

James Blake and Venus and Serena Williams are among the nine players named to the U.S. Olympic tennis team. In August, they will be heading to China to represent America at the 2008 Olympic Summer Games.

The Olympic tennis tournament will be staged from August 10-17 at Beijing’s Olympic Green Tennis Center, with Blake and Venus playing singles and doubles, and Serena playing doubles.

At the 2000 Games, the Williams sisters became the first siblings to combine for an Olympic gold medal in doubles. Venus also won the gold in singles.

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