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Colin Powell Sings And Dances “Yahoozee” At Africa Rising Concert

General Colin Powell showed off some hip-hop dance moves during an impromptu performance on Tuesday at the Africa Rising festival in London.

The former Secretary of State joined the Nigerian group Olu Maintain as they sang and danced to their hit song “Yahoozee.” Christina Aguilera and Seal also performed at the event.

Before busting a move, Powell addressed the audience:

I stand before you tonight as an African American. Many people say to me, ‘You became Secretary of State of the USA, is it really necessary to say you are an African American, or that you are black?’ And I say yes, so that we can remind our children. It took a lot of people struggling to bring me to this point in history. I didn’t just drop out of the sky, people came from my continent in chains.

Colin Powell has yet to endorse a presidential candidate, and we’re wondering if his speech means he’ll be backing Obama. We’re also wondering if Powell knew the song “Yahoozee” refers to the slang term “yahoo boyz” which means internet scammers.


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