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Ga Ga: Black Kids’ New Album Out July 22

Black Kids’ highly-anticipated debut LP, Partie Traumatic, will be out on Tuesday, and the Jacksonville-based band is loving the buzz they’ve attained from blogs.

“We were literally just plucked from Jacksonville and thrown in front of a crowd,” drummer Kevin Snow tells Billboard of their rise to Internet stardom (blog chatter increased 900% after they were mentioned in the New York Times). “And it just kept going. At this point, we haven’t been home in nearly a year.”

“There are still lots of people just discovering the band,” says Jason Hradil, the group’s marketing manager at Columbia. “They will certainly be able to develop an audience beyond bloggers.”

Black Kids’ debut, Partie Traumatic, which was recorded with former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, was released July 7 in the U.K., debuting at No. 5. The singles, “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You” and “Hurricane Jane,” reached Nos. 11 and 36, respectively, on the U.K. Singles chart, according to Billboard.

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