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Friday Night Lights Taylor Kitsch TV

Breaking News: Friday Night Lights Picked Up For Two More Seasons!


One of Blindie’s favorite TV series Friday Night Lights is officially coming back for two more 13-episode seasons, E! Online confirms.

Like this season’s arrangement, the next two seasons will first air on DirecTV and later on NBC. Yes, we non-DirecTV peeps will be sad to get the episodes later in the season, but it’s better than being canceled!

“The reality is that to have the opportunity to create something new with [this show] every day is just the greatest gift,” show star Connie Britton (who plays the coach’s wife and school principal) said before the news broke. “It would be great if we had another season.”

The only sad thing is current Dylan High seniors, including Taylor Kitsch’s Riggins, Minka Kelly’s Lyla, Zach Gilford’s Matt Saracen and Adrianne Palicki’s Tyra, are graduating and may be moving on from the show!

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Ga Ga Idris Elba Rashida Jones TV

Ga Ga: Idris Elba Guest Stars as the “New Boss” on The Office


Adding to the minority factor of The Office (Stanley Hudson, Kelly Kapoor and Oscar Martinez), hunky actor Idris Elba picked up where Rashida Jones left off as ethnic guest star eye candy on the NBC hit.

Playing Dunder Mifflin’s new boss Charles Minor (get it?!), Elba made his hunky debut on The Office, shaking up the staff.

“Oh my God!” Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) said of Elba (who can next be seen with Beyonce Knowles in Obsessed). “He’s like a black George Clooney!”

You can watch the full episode on Hulu.

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Movies TV

From Pineapple to Lipstick: Rosie Perez is Getting Bitchy

We’re sure James Franco and Seth Rogen will end Batman’s reign at the box office this weekend with Pineapple Express. But when Blindie watched the stoner flick, it was Rosie Perez’s role that caught us by surprise.

The Latina actress, who is best known for her roles in Do The Right Thing and White Men Can’t Jump, played against type in the comedy blockbuster as a crooked cop. Perez particularly shined in the final scenes, which found her in a fist fight with the yummy James Franco.

In other Rosie news: She’s heading to the small screen on NBC’s surprisingly well-written girlfriend drama, Lipstick Jungle, alongside Brooke Shields, Lindsay Price and Kim Raver.

“I play a publicist, a mean bitchy publicist,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “Everyone seems to be picking me to play mean people right now. What the hell? I am a really nice person in my everyday life I swear.”

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Rosario Dawson TV

Rosario Dawson Gets Web Savvy with Gemini Division

Our favorite former Kid, Rosario Dawson, is starring in the new online sci-fi series, Gemini Division–the “first Web series to feature a bona fide Hollywood star,” according to Wired magazine.

In the groundbreaking series, which has been picked up by NBC, Dawson plays Anna Diaz, a New York City detective dealing with an international sci-fi conspiracy as part of a special task force called Gemini Division.

“She looks like she can kick some ass,” says screenwriter Brent Friedman, who is producing the web serial (which is shot in a confessional narrative style, a la Lonelygirl15) with director Stan Rogow and Jeff Sagansky, as part of their production company, Electric Farm Entertainment

“The thing that’s succeeded on the Web — besides, obviously, porn — is people themselves,” the 29-year-old Dawson, who co-created the comic Occult Crimes Taskforce, tells the magazine. “They’re putting up their own stuff — really off the cuff, no money involved. So we’re taking a huge risk. But it’s exciting to be part of something new. Even if we mess it up, we were the first, you know? That’s kind of awesome in itself.”

Dawson’s foray into online media premieres August 18 on NBC.com.

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