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Ludacris Sounds Off On Bush, McCain, Hillary and Jesse

Not to be outdone by rappers Nas and Jay-Z, who have both spoken out recently about Barack Obama and the current political climate, Ludacris is adding his own two cents with his song, “Politics (Obama is Here).”

Ludacris, a staunch Obama supporter, uses some politically incorrect verses, skewering not only President Bush and Republican presidential nominee John McCain, but also former Democratic candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton and Rev. Jesse Jackson:

Hillary hated on you, so that b—- is irrelevant. Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what? If you said it then you meant it. How you want it head or gut?

McCain don’t belong in any chair unless he’s paralyzed. Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped. Ball up all of his speeches and just throw ‘em like candy wrap ’cause what you talking I hear nothing even relevant and you the worst of all 43 presidents.

Ludacris even attempts to rally the black community to support Obama at the polls, urging, “So get off your ass, black people, it’s time to get out and vote! Paint the White House black and I’m sure that’s got ‘em terrified.”

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UPDATE: Nas Delivers Racial Smear Petition to FOX News

Shortly after his new album became No. 1 in the country, Nas protested at Fox News headquarters in New York over what he (and ColorOfChange & MoveOn.org) says is racial smear tactics against African Americans and Barack Obama.

“Fox poisons this country every time they air racist propaganda and try to call it news,” Nas says. “This should outrage every American that Fox uses hateful language to talk about the person that may be the first black president.”

Although ColorOfChange collected more than 600,000 signatures demanding that network president Roger Ailes “find a solution to address racial stereotyping and hate-mongering before it hits the airwaves,” Fox rejected the petitions.


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Petition To Fox: Stop The Racist Smears

Fox News has consistently rubbed not only Barack Obama supporters the wrong way, but African Americans in general with irresponsible reporting that resembles a racial smear campaign.

From on-air graphics calling Michelle Obama, “Obama’s baby mama,” and confusing Barack with “Osama” then joking the pair should be assassinated, to calling Barack and Michelle’s fist bump a ‘terrorist fist jab,‘ Fox News is proving they are far from being “fair and balanced.”

Two political organizations dedicated to representing the voice of the people, ColorOfChange.org and Moveon.org are calling on Fox News to stop the racial smears with a petition signed by over a half a million people.

Rap artist Nas is expected to deliver the petition to Fox today.

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