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Fashion Michelle Obama

TIME Declares Michelle Obama ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Someone call Tyra Banks because Michelle Obama has already been declared “America’s Next Top Model” by TIME magazine!

As we wait in anticipation of the swearing in of Barack Obama as the 44th U.S. President, we also eagerly await the apearance of his wife Michelle’s inaugural outfits. When women clamored to buy the Narciso Rodriguez dress Michelle wore on election night, it became clear a fashion trend-setter was born. And when the black and white dress from White House/ Black Market sold out the very next day after Michelle appeared in it on The View in 2008, her new status was solidified.

“With Michelle, it’s about the real thing,” says Maria Pinto, a Chicago-based designer who has been dressing the First-lady elect since 2004. “Her style is thought out, but it’s not contrived or deliberate.”

“She is someone with authority and style that people can look up to,” says Thakoon Panichgul, the designer whose red floral-print dress Michelle chose to wear on the final night of the Democratic National Convention. “It’s a new way of looking at fashion. It’s about women who are real and confident.”

So what will Michelle Obama wear for the inauguration? Speculators are saying she will most likely choose an American designer, probably a Chicago-based one -perhaps Maria Pinto, and most likely a reasonably priced dress to represent the hard economic times -maybe she’ll reprise her Tonight Show outfit and choose J.Crew?

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Fashion Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s Narciso Rodriquez Dress Garners Negative Reviews

The introduction of the next First Family of the United States was a historic moment last night in Chicago’s Grant Park. But Michelle Obama’s choice of dress had many fashionistas scratching their heads.

Thanks to our friends at FrockWriter, the controversial Narciso Rodriquez dress has finally surfaced.

Blindie prefers Michelle’s belted purple frock from the infamous fist-bumping evening more than this somewhat haunting piece. What do you think?

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