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Rihanna Stars in Kanye West’s New ‘Paranoid’ Music Video

Making her first official comeback since her debacle with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna (in a stunning bustier and sky-high do) looks radiant as the star of Kanye West‘s new music video for “Paranoid”.

While we love that she’s trying to put her battered past behind her, we kinda wish she didn’t do the manic driving sequence in the end, with the caution sign for “Paranoid Road” in the background…a little too close to reality for us!

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Music Video Virus

VIDEO VIRUS: Can You Name All the Cameos (Ron Howard, Jake Gyllenhaal) in Jamie Foxx’s ‘Blame It’ Video?

Just when you thought the recession had put an end to champagne-popping, booty-shaking club videos, Hollywood heavy-hitters Jake Gyllenhaal and Ron Howard pull up in luxury cars and step into the club in Jamie Foxx’s latest video “Blame It.”

Foxx teams up with T-Pain to bring yet another grinding-in-the-club video and pulls award-winning actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Samuel L. Jackson, Forest Whitaker, Academy-Award winning director Ron Howard and even super producer Quincy Jones along for the ride.

Look real close and you’ll also catch a glimpse of Morris Chestnut, Bill Bellamy, Cedric the Entertainer, Foxx’s sister, and a dancing panda in a suit!

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Ga Ga Music

Ga Ga: Joey McIntyre in NKOTB’s ‘Single’ Music Video Feat. Ne-Yo

Every girl has her favorite–and in the new New Kids on the Block, Joey McIntyre is definitely it. While Jordan Knight comes in in a STRONG second, Joey is heating it up in the band’s catchy new single with Ne-Yo, “Single.”

Outfitted in impeccably fitted suits, the blond cutie is hard to resist.

We admit that when we saw NKOTB debuting “Single” on the Today show last week, we were skeptical. But once the video surfaced, we were playing it on loop, like a school girl screaming over J.T. in ‘N Sync.

Blindie’s ga ga over this sure-to-be hit!

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