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Jourdan Dunn & Chanel Iman Featured in 16-Page Vogue Fashion Spread

Ga Ga worthy stompers Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn are featured in a 16-page fashion editorial for the January issue of American Vogue.

The pretty little things don matching samurai-inspired braids and shine in every designer from Rodarte and Balenciaga to Nina Ricci and Prada.

“Who better than Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn, two models poised for even greater heights in the new year, to adopt the season’s understated attitude,” the magazine writes.

Blindie loves that two of our favorite models are gaining momentum.

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UK Model Katie Green Wants to ‘Shovel Some Food Down’ Jourdan Dunn’s Throat

UK model Katie Green, who was once told to lose weight for more modeling work, is speaking out on Jourdan Dunn‘s recent win as Model of the Year from the British Fashion Council.

“I think it is disgusting that Jourdan won,” Green told The Sun. “Jourdan is seriously underweight. I was looking at pictures of her and she looks like a bag of bones. Her legs are like two twigs. I was horrified.”

Revealing that she is happy and healthy at a size 12 at 5ft 10in, Green, who models lingerie for Ultimo, adds, “I want to march Jourdan down to her local restaurant and shovel some food down her throat.”

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Jourdan Dunn Wins Model Of The Year at the British Fashion Awards

Ga Ga-licious model Jourdan Dunn was crowned Model Of The Year at the British Fashion Awards last night.

“Oh my God. I’m crying!” Dunn, who wore a cream mini by Stella McCartney, said during her acceptance speech which the Daily Mail said was “a high point of a rather lacklustre night.”

“I don’t want to cry,” the 19-year-old British beauty said. “This is really the icing on the cake for me; I want to thank my agency, Storm, for being a second family to me, and … oh my God, I’m really sounding like such a dumb model, and that really isn’t like me. Anyway, thank you so much.”

PHOTO: Press Association

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Jourdan Dunn: ‘I Would Like To Be More Womanly, Like Beyoncé’

British supermodel-in-training Jourdan Dunn gives the Times Online a great window into her psyche–not only does she wish that the use of black models go beyond “this season,” but her body had a little more jelly!

“I’m not comfortable with my weight,” she says. “I would like to be more womanly, like Beyoncé. In the black community, it’s all about having a big bum. Not everyone wants to be skinny.”

The 18-year-old beauty also reveals her childhood dreams: “When I was younger, I wanted to be famous. My life was a role in my own soap opera and the mirror was my camera. But nobody criticised me in Jourdan’s world. That’s not reality.”

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Model-Turned-Actress Joy Bryant Opens Up About Dropping Out of Yale For Fashion

Rising starlet Joy Bryant recently opened up about ditching the Ivy Leagues for the fashion world.

“I dropped out of Yale at the end of my sophomore year to model,” Bryant, 31, tells the Huffington Post. “I gave myself a year to make it happen.”

Shortly after leaving college, she was booked for Seventeen magazine’s back to school issue. “They seemed to dig my Ivy League credentials,” she reflects. “Others seemed shocked that I wasn’t an idiot.”

The fashionista, who has been ‘shutting it down’ on Bravo‘s The Rachel Zoe Project, also dishes on her unceremonious meeting with a ‘VERY famous designer’:

I was on line for at least an hour or so, which SUCKS but that’s what you got to do, so you do it. I finally get to the room, where the VERY famous designer is sitting at a long table with a few associates. I say hello, hand my portfolio over, and proceed to “walk” (please reference “Top Model”). I do so and then the VERY famous designer says to me, with a smile of course, “Joy, you are soooo beautiful, but I’m not using black girls this season.” (Insert sound of record scratching here). Yeah, he actually said that to my ‘beautiful’ face. He’s lucky he didn’t get a black eye.

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FASHION WEEK: Blindie Stalks Chanel Iman’s Runway Looks

Up-and-coming supermodel Chanel Iman is the one beauty Blindie’s putting our money behind. And with the blur of tulle, leather, spandex and cotton that is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, Chanel’s been one busy girl.

“I’m a Christian girl,” Chanel Iman told New York magazine, “I pray every night and before meals and before I go on stage not to fall.”

Here’s a timeline of Chanel’s latest looks fresh off the most prestigious runways:

Fri, Sept. 5 @ 7 p.m. | Erin Fetherston

Sat, Sept. 6 @ 10 a.m. | Lacoste

Sat, Sept. 6 @ 8 p.m. | Rock & Republic

Sun, Sept. 7 @ 11 a.m. | DKNY

Sun, Sept. 7 @ 4 p.m. | D.v.F.

Mon, Sept. 8 @ 11 a.m. | Peter Som

Mon, Sept. 8 @ 9 p.m. | Marc Jacobs

Tue, Sept. 9 @ 6 p.m. | Max Azria

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Blindie EXCLUSIVE: Chanel Iman Gives Tyra and Italian Vogue Black Models Puzzle-Piece Necklaces

Returning a gift that Tyra Banks gave her, Blindie’s favorite model Chanel Iman gave all the models at Tuesday’s celebration of Italian Vogue‘s black issue puzzle-piece necklaces.

The necklaces, which are replicas of the ones Tyra gave Chanel last October on her show, are matching puzzle pieces that symbolize their shared struggle of opening doors in the fashion industry.

“I want you to wear this because we are just two puzzle pieces in this struggle for black models,” Tyra told Chanel last year. “So whenever you feel like, “Oh, God! I’m so tired…They didn’t accept me for this because I’m a black model.’ Just know that you’re just one piece toward us becoming a complete puzzle.”

Blindie thinks diversity in modeling is Tyra’s new crusade—just like her 2007 “So What?!” positive body image campaign.

PHOTO: Courtesy The Tyra Banks Show

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