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Author Mitch Albom Speaks Out on Jackson’s ‘Nuts’

In an editorial for Tampa Bay’s newspapers, Tuesdays With Morrie author Mitch Albom ponders what could have angered Rev. Jesse Jackson so much as to threaten to cut Barack Obama’s “nuts off” on national TV.

After discovering that Obama did not “insult Jackson’s mother” or “rip Jackson’s manhood,” Albom writes:

“I must confess, I have long wondered what Jesse Jackson stands for besides Jesse Jackson. We in the media have been far too lazy in sticking a microphone in front of Jackson any time we think there is a ‘black’ issue that needs commenting, as if he were somehow voted in by the black population as its official spokesman.”

Touché, Mr. Albom.

On that note: Please check out Blindie’s “Al Sharpton Says” series.


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