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Old Navy Launches ‘Supermodelquins’ Campaign at New York’s 1OAK With Michelle Trachtenberg And Olivia Palermo


Is Old Navy trying to beat the recession by replacing live models with mannequins?

The trendy but always economical fashion megastore launched their “Supermodelquins” campaign at New York hot spot 1OAK Tuesday night where The City‘s Olivia Palermo and Gossip Girl‘s Michelle Trachtenberg made nice with the plastic people.

Blindie got a chance to catch up with Spotted stylist Keino Benjamin, who is currently dressing Jessica Rich of VH1’s Real Chance Of Love (yes, low-brow, but whatevs!).

Benjamin tells us his dream client would be Rihanna: “I would put more high-end dresses on her, get her back to longer hair and ditch some of the black she’s been sporting. She’s too beautiful to be dressing so dark all the time!”

PHOTO CREDIT: Sara Jaye Weiss

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