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Movies Race Matters

Star Wars Fans Think Black People Are Ruining Their Science Fiction

Apparently there are a lot of Star Wars fans who are “okay with blue people, green people and purple people but black people is going too far.” Yes, that’s an actual quote from a nobody nerd who likes science fiction, Steve Collataly. He goes on to say this about black people – “If they want to be in space why don’t they get their own universe? And by the way, do we have to have black people in everything? Aren’t white people good enough already?”

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Business Race Matters

Analyst Mellody Hobson Wants To Bring Stock Market To Black Dinner Table

A recent Fortune magazine article profiled financial analyst Mellody Hobson as the one to watch and listen to expert of Wall Street.

As president of Ariel, the largest minority owned mutual fund company in America, Hobson’s “slow and steady value investing approach” is being touted as the voice of reason during these fast and furious financial times.

The product of a single mother in Chicago’s inner-city, 39 year-old Hobson is on a quest to increase financial awareness among everyone and most importantly among black people who have been reportedly underinvested in the stock market according to a study conducted by Ariel and Charles Schwab.

“I am trying to make the stock market a subject of dinner-table conversation in the black community, ” Hobson says.

Hobson boasts many admirers including CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz who describes her as being among “a select few that are professionally so strong and personally without fault, ” and director, producer George Lucas whom she is currently dating and can often be seen accompanying to red carpet events.

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