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Color on the Cover: Beyonce Channels Her Inner Thundercat in June’s Marie Claire


Beyonce has gone all tranny thundercat in the latest issue of Marie Claire, where she’s promoting her world tour, but the mag says on the cover, “She’d rather be in bed with Jay-Z!”

For some reason, we don’t find that appealing–and neither do we find her fierce cat costume (one of 58 over-the-top get-ups designed by Thierry Mugler for the stage) intriguing…Seriously, does one really need to have the panther paws/cheetah spots painted on one’s skin?!


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‘Woman to Watch’: Kerry Washington Featured in Marie Claire

Actress Kerry Washington, who can next be seen in Lakeview Terrace with Samuel L. Jackson & Patrick Wilson, is featured in the latest issue of Marie Claire.

“I’ve been to nine states on behalf of Obama,” she tells the magazine. “The enormous level of diversity among the volunteers have been so great to see!”

The 31-year-old Bronx-born stunner, who has a knack for playing the wives of Oscar winners onscreen (Jamie Foxx in Ray and Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland), lives in L.A. with her shih tzu-Yorkie mix “Josephine Baker,” and admires her mama.

“She’s the epitome of grace–as a person, and as a woman of color,” Washington says. “She’s very cerebral. She taught me about walking with dignity in the world.”

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Latinas Eva Mendes & Penelope Cruz Cover Coveted September Fashion Mags

Covering the coveted September issues of Fall fashion magazines isn’t an easy feat for anyone who isn’t white. That’s why Blindie was shocked to see, not one, but two Latinas amongst the lily-white covers (from Keira Knightley on Vogue to Carrie Underwood on Allure) on the newsstands.

Marie Claire‘s cover girl Mendes, who has just debuted her steamy ads for Calvin Klein, is starring in her first female-driven film, The Women, with Annette Bening.

“She reminds me of one of those women back in the ‘40s and ‘50s,” Mendes says. “She’s a broad, and I want to be a broad. I mean, she’s like Ava Gardner or Bette Davis or Katharine Hepburn. Those women were broads. They said it like it was.”

As for Glamour cover girl Cruz, she’s starring in two films, including Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Elegy with Ben Kingsley, who tells Glamour, “She comprehends the struggle of the female soul in our confused society. She doesn’t have to guess what the vital issues are–she knows.”

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