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Lourdes "Lola" Leon Madonna Video Virus

Ga Ga: Lourdes Leon Dancing in Mama Madonna’s “Celebration” Video

Lourdes “Lola” Leon makes her video debut as she shakes what her mama Madonna gave her in “Celebration.”

Not to be outdone by Madonna’s shirtless, half-her-age boy toy Jesus Luz, Lourdes makes her video cameo a memorable three seconds -yes, three whole seconds! – as she does a back-flip breakdance move.

Blindie wonders why Lourdes only got three seconds. Was someone afraid of a little upstaging?

Fast forward to the 3:15 mark to catch Lola in action!

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Fashion Ga Ga Lourdes "Lola" Leon Madonna

Ga Ga: How Little Lola Lourdes Leon Took Spotlight From Mama Madonna in Malawi


We confess: when Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon was born we thought, “What an unfortunate child to have to grow up in Madonna’s spotlight with that uni-brow!”

But after images of Lourdes alongside her tight-faced cougar mom in Malawi surfaced, we forgot about Madge’s failed attempt to get little David Banda an orphan sis, and all we could think was, “My how Lourdes has grown!”

The blossoming 12-year-old (whose father is mom’s former personal trainer Carlos Leon) looked like a ga ga gorgeous gazelle, and in honor of her beauty, we’re listing our fave fashion pics of Madonna’s stunning, formerly quirky (remember her dorky horn-rimmed glasses?), fashion tween queen. Mark our words, she’s gonna be a star!

Matching Knit Caps

“She doesn’t need my guidance when it comes to fashion,” Madonna said of her daughter’s “sort of goth punk” style. “She doesn’t listen to me.”

In Malawi in 2007
“I can get my older daughter to babysit for me,” Madonna said of big sis watching little David on the Today show. “Both kids are really great with him.”

Gucci for a Cause with Mom

Lola was front and center at Madonna and Gucci’s UNICEF fundraiser for the kids of Malawi in February 2008, even meeting Alicia Keys and Vince Vaughn. Madonna said she “tends to walk into a room and demand that everyone pay attention to” her!

The Leons in Leather

“She’s into shopping, fashion, anything girly,” Leon told PEOPLE of his little Lola. “She’s my princess. I spoil her with love—and American Apparel and Urban Outfitters.”

Lourdes Mania in Malawi
Granted Madonna came for another Malawi baby, but it was a leggy Lola (who will soon outgrow mom) who got the Today show talking–they even dedicated a segment to her: “Lourdes has grown up!” anchor Matt Lauer said.

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