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Race Matters TV

Will The Hills‘ Whitney Port Befriend Black People in The City?

Just as Lauren Conrad moved on from Laguna Beach, Whitney Port is breaking out of The Hills to discover her own fame in The City, but will she also find some black friends?

We’ve been watching The Hills for four seasons and have barely caught a glimpse of any ethnic people, except for Brody Jenner’s Mexican bromance buddy Frankie Delgado. Even TMZ asked Conrad, “How come there’s no black people on The Hills?”

“Doesn’t everyone have at least one black friend?” TMZ insists.

Well, since The City is being filmed in New York City, considered to be America’s melting pot, we’re hoping Whitney will find that one black friend -or at least someone ethnic.

The City premieres on December 29 on MTV.

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Race Matters TV

Baldwin Hills: TV Critics Weigh In On BET’s Black Beverly Hills

It’s a simple formula perfected by MTV from Laguna Beach to The Hills: Young, rich, beautiful and white. Producers throw in a dose of mediocre drama about love, betrayal and the revolving door of BFFs, and a TV hit is born.

But it wasn’t until BET created their version of Laguna Beach in the mold of The Hills, Baldwin Hills–which premiered its second season this summer–that there was another piece to the formula: race.

BET’s hit show follows a group of affluent black kids who live in the L.A. neighborhood that’s dubbed the “Black Beverly Hills.” The show’s opening proclaims, “Not all black people live in the ghetto.”

Besides the fact that Blindie found it interesting that it took BET this long to highlight this side of young black America, we’re glad that the show, like The Cosby Show before it, is helping America realize that yes, we can be spoiled and rich too, just like the pouty blonde beauties on The Hills.

With its second season now making waves for the all-black network, the show’s castmember, Gerren Taylor, is also featured in this week’s PEOPLE magazine, which charts her rise at age 12 as the fashion industry’s “Baby Naomi” to having no modeling jobs at 15.

Here’s what the critics have said about Baldwin Hills:….

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