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Project Runway Watch: Korto’s Robbed As Leanne Becomes Fifth Runway Winner

In Bravo’s farewell episode of their fashion competition hit, Project Runway, Blindie shed tears with Korto Momolu as she became so close to becoming the first black designer to nab the garment-making title since Season One’s Kara Saun!

While girl power was the theme of last night’s finale, we still felt cheated because not only did Korto have the most cohesive collection, she also constructed two extraordinary additions within 24 hours of her Bryant Park debut.

Yes, Blindie’s ecstatic that Miss Kenley Collins (arguably the biggest villain since Season One’s Wendy Pepper) didn’t nab the title with her knockoffs of Balenciaga and McQueen, but we’re also equally annoyed that the one-note Leanne Marshall nabbed the ultimate win.

Here are Blindie’s top 10 moments:

  1. After refusing to listen to Tim Gunn and saying, “my decisions are final and I’m done with it!” Kenley FINALLY takes Tim’s advice when he suggests a different model should wear the wedding dress from the last episode. “Tim has a point!” she finally relents.
  2. Leanne’s model Tia brings her dog Sophie to the fitting and the tiny thing takes a big ol’ poop on the floor! “Go poop on Kenley’s and Korto’s collection now” Kenley tells the dog. “You better keep that f—ing dog away from my s—.” Kenley barks back.
  3. Leanne and Kenley are total opposites and total haters! “Leanne doesn’t know how to use colors and I think it’s a little boring,” Kenley says of Leanne’s muted collection. “Kenley’s line looks really…Holly Hobby. It’s just like someone’s child has been like painting all over Kenley’s collection,” Leanne criticizes.
  4. Heidi Klum announces at the start of the Bryant Park fashion show that Jennifer Lopez will not be the guest judge because of a “foot injury.” Which now seems hilarious considering Lopez competed in a triathlon a few days later.
  5. When Tim Gunn is announced as Lopez’s replacement as guest judge, Kenley is shocked and suddenly repentant, “Are you kidding? Ok, maybe I should’ve improved my attitude,” she says.
  6. “Can I tell you one thing? It is necessary to know what’s going on,” Michael Kors tells Kenley when one of her designs reminds the judges of a Balenciaga dress. This wasn’t the first time – in a previous episode it was Alexander McQueen. Kenley actually accepts his advice, “yeah, I realize now, maybe I need to do some research.”
  7. The judges rave over Leanne’s one-note, wave inspired, petal-like designs but Michael Kors is worried that she’s going to be known as the “queen of the petals.” He jokes, “you’re gonna be know as Petals Marshall, which sounds like a stripper not a designer.”
  8. Lots of familiar faces from previous Runway seasons at the Bryant Park show including Romy, and a very toned down “licious” Blayne wearing black instead of his usual neon colors -but still tan!
  9. Our hearts bled when Korto didn’t make the cut especially when she testified to the Lord again “thank God, Jesus!” and when she presented her collection at Bryant park and shouted “Enjoy it! Don’t I look hot!”
  10. We love when Leanne shouts into the crowd after the show at Bryant Park, “buy all of my clothes so I can pay my rent next week!” But we would have loved to see a bigger reaction from her when she won. Not Extreme Makeover: Home reaction, but something worth writing about!
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Project Runway Season 5 Delights Blindie With Diversity

Project Runway Season Five premiered Wednesday night, and we couldn’t be happier: there are three African-American designers this year, and two of them are women!

Here’s the lineup: Terri Stevens, 39, from Chicago; Korto Momolu, 33, from Little Rock via Liberia; and Jerell Scott, 28, originally from Houston. To top it off, the Bravo competition finally included an Asian male–Jerry, 32, from Montana (previous seasons featured Asian females).

Blindie predicts…

  • Jerell will be a treasure trove of one-liners and sass (“All you other designers can go home one by one”)
  • Terri will give us indie chic, as she has already described her style as “Aerosmith meets Lauryn Hill meets Michael Jackson”
  • Korto will be all business and full of design surprises, as she aspires to be the first African American winner (an honor stolen from Season One’s Kara Saun!)

As the elimination process crept closer, we held our breath as Korto and Jerry landed in the elimination line-up. And just when we thought this season was going to be a couture melting pot, Jerry was sent packing after creating an American Psycho-esque ensemble from a shower curtain and a table cloth.

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