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Michael Jackson Video Virus

VIDEO VIRUS: Footage of Michael Jackson’s Hair Catching Fire In Pepsi Commerial

US Weekly unearthed some never-before-seen footage of the taping of that infamous Pepsi commercial when Michael Jackson‘s hair caught on fire on January 27, 1984.

The footage shows the King of Pop’s hair igniting from sparks that fell from a pyrotechnic explosion that was set off too early, and the visible burns left on the top of his head as the shaken singer as he is helped to his feet.

Jackson suffered second and third degree burns and it is now being speculated that the accident led to his addiction to painkillers.

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Media Music Where In The World Is Michael Jackson?

Where In The World Is Michael Jackson? Somewhere Turning 50

Prince did it on June 7th, Madonna did it on August 16th, and Michael Jackson will be doing it on August 29th.

The moonwalking, oxygen chamber sleeping, Peter Pan fan is turning 50 years old and will be releasing a compilation album in honor of the momentous occasion. The 18 track album titled King Of Pop was selected by British fans from a list of 50 songs on The Sun and GMTV websites.

Jackson recently collaborated with Akon on the track “Hold My Hand,” and even hung out with the rapper but left him “stunned” by odd behavior. Akon told UK tabloid Daily Star that the King of Pop greeted him in his pyjamas. “I was like, ‘Are you going out like that?’ He was in his pyjamas and I was waiting to see if he was going to change. He [then] grabs a scarf and puts it around his head, then he grabs the kids and puts a scarf around their heads, so I grab a scarf and put it around my head and off we go.

Akon “stunned” by odd behavior from Michael Jackson? Hello, he’s nicknamed “Wacko Jacko” by the British press. We’re stunned Akon even got the opportunity to spend time with the singer and his children.

British fans determining the lineup for a Michael Jackson birthday album? Again, he’s nicknamed “Wacko Jacko” by the British press! We’re the ones who nicknamed him the King of Pop here in the states so why do the Brits get to choose the lineup?


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Music Where In The World Is Michael Jackson?

Where In The World is Michael Jackson?: Just Ask Swizz Beatz

Although the King of Pop was last spotted at Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier’s birthday bash in Las Vegas on June 23rd, it’s music producer Swizz Beats who will probably be spending quality time with the mega star.

The ex-Ruff Ryder recently revealed:

“I’m working on this new Michael Jackson sh–,…I’m probably gonna be producing his tour and everything.”

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