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Spike Lee: Wesley Snipes Would ‘Kill’ In James Brown Biopic

Spike Lee has plans to bring the life story of The Godfather of Soul to the big screen and thinks Wesley Snipes is the right man to fill those sliding shoes.

Lee told King magazine that Snipes is “a phenomenal actor…if my James Brown picture ever gets made, he’ll be playing James, and he’d kill in that, without a doubt. He still has chops.”

The biopic is not listed on IMDB but Lee had reportedly been working on the production with James Brown before the singer’s passing in 2006.

Even though Lee has worked so well with Snipes in the past with Mo’ Better Blues (1990) and Jungle Fever (1991), Blindie would rather see Eddie Murphy play James Brown -remember his impersonation on Delirious in 1983?

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