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Project Runway‘s Finale Part 1: The Wedding Challenge

The four remaining designers retreated to their homes to not only work on a collection that will hopefully see the light of day at Bryant Park, but also design a wedding dress. When they returned to New York they were hit with the ultimate challenge -creating a bridesmaid dress!

Here are Blindie’s top 10 moments:

  1. Gunn expresses concern over a dress in Korto’s collection that features a gaping slit that Gunn describes as “sexual.” He’s also a little worried over Jerell’s embellished collection because he wants it to “still be believable.” Ouch! Jerell had promised us he was “gonna be constructing pure magic” with his $8K!
  2. During his home visit to the designers, Gunn is treated to Korto kicking off her shoes and banging it out on African drums, and a tandem bike ride with Leanne.
  3. Jerell breaks down in tears as he talks about his father who worked so hard driving trucks to move his family out of the Compton ghetto.
  4. Korto promises “no, I’m not gonna snap on anyone,” after Kenley volunteers herself to be the snapped on and reminds Korto that she had already ripped into her during the last challenge.
  5. Michael Kors and Nina Garcia gush over Leanne’s wave inspired wedding dress. “I have to say, this is so chic and beautifully crafted,” Kors says. “It’s modern, but it’s dreamy,” Garcia adds.
  6. Kenley finally wins rave reviews from all of the judges even though Michael Kors thinks her wedding dress is “a little Alexander McQueen.” But adds, “the bridesmaid dress is the cutest damn dress I’ve ever seen.”
  7. Kenley is respectful, thankful and pleasant to the judges and a bit surprised by all of the compliments, especially the usually disapproving Heidi Klum who exclaims, “I think it’s crazy good.” To which Kenley gushes “Oh my gosh, Heidi I love you!”
  8. Kors tears apart Jerell’s “garish” dress citing his “boob jewels” and “the flower pot growing out of [the model’s} head” as major disasters.
  9. We had high hopes for Korto until we saw what the judges called her “overworked” wedding dress and “underworked” bridesmaid dress. Shoulda been bangin’ out an impeccable dress and not on the drums!
  10. We had to hold back tears when Heidi told Jerell he was OUT! But we were cracking up when he defended his “overwrought,” “hog wild” dresses by declaring “if you want a basic white tee you can get one from Michael Kors…it’s just not what I do!” Work it out, Jerell!
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Project Runway Watch: Second Chances, Tears, And A Load Of Attitude From Kenley

It was down to the wire as Jerell, Kenley, Korto and Leanne battled it out for the chance to show at Bryant Park. They each designed a dress inspired by flowers they saw at the New York Botanical Garden and then proceeded to throw each other under the proverbial bus.

Here are Blindie’s best moments:

  1. Kenley and Leanne aren’t talking to each other. “I’m not interested in even pretending I like her,” Kenley says as she blames Leanne for not representing her design properly on the runway in the last episode.
  2. We love that Jerell is the last man standing! Not counting his little fruit friends, Joe and Suede.
  3. Korto is reminded of her mother’s garden in Africa when visiting the Botanical Garden and declares, “I think I’m gonna win this one for my momma!”
  4. Kenley misplaces her bag of tulle and everyone takes glee in watching her scramble to find it. “I refuse to assist her in any way,” Jerell says as both he and Korto stingily hoard their material.
  5. After testifying “in the name of Jesus, I am going to Bryant Park!” in the last episode, we were not surprised to see Korto reading her bible!
  6. Kenley’s “purple-zilla costume” of a dress is ripped to shreds by everyone: “What is she thinking?…this tube dress with scales,” Jerell says and Nina Garcia says “it looks like a reptile but not in a good way – it looks creepy.”
  7. Korto disappointed us with an uncharacteristically cliched, and pageant styled dress.
  8. Kenley breaks down in tears, after dishing a big heap of attitude to the judges, and gushes “I feel like I’ve been fighting my way through life…it’s a force of habit.” She even apologizes to the judges!
  9. Jerell, and Leanne throw Kenley under the bus -with both hands!– as they tell the judges why she shouldn’t show at Bryant Park, citing her tired 1950s style.
  10. At some point in the show each designer breaks down in tears!
  11. Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia tell Kenley off for her “flippant and smug” attitude and defensiveness. “It’s a little bit annoying,” Heidi says.
  12. Jerell wins again! Heidi describes his design style as “elegant edge.”
  13. Korto tells Kenley off for trying to throw her under the bus! Hello? It was Jerell and Leanne who pesonally attacked your style not Korto. Why would you choose Jerell and Leanne as the two other designers to take to Bryant Park? Korto has a child, a husband, a deferred dream and Jesus, she is going to Bryant Park!
  14. Tim Gunn hugs it out with the designers backstage and tells Kenley to “let bygones be bygones” – but Kenley wants nothing to do with the group hug!
  15. And the twist -no one is out! All four designers get to go home and create a line for another round of judging!
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Project Runway: LL Cool J Guest Judges The Music Challenge

The five remaining designers turn up the volume and hit a few wrong notes as they create outfits inspired by a music genre -for each other!

And it’s not all that harmonious as Suede designs a rock n roll look for Jerell, Kenley tackles a hip-hop look for Leanne, Korto punks up Suede, Jerell tries to makes Kenley pop, and Leanne countrifies Korto.

Here are Blindie’s top 15 moments:

  1. Leanne steals Suede’s model Tia, because she felt “Suede had a real advantage...this is a competition and Tia is a real asset.”
  2. Korto warns Suede “if you have any problems with anything, I prefer if you tell me to my face before Tim gets here because I don’t want to have to snap on you in front of Tim! Okay?!”
  3. Korto shutting down Kenley as she tries to move in on her meeting time with Leanne – “No, your 30 minutes were up 30 minutes ago! I’m gonna get Hip-Hop on you in a minute!”
  4. Korto testifies like she’s in church! – “I have to own it, I have to claim it. In the name of Jesus! I am going to Bryant Park!”
  5. Kenley rapping and Korto doing her best Dolly Parton! Too much!
  6. Tim finally tells Kenley off as he tries to clue her in to the fact that her design may not hip-hop “You need to listen. It will it benefit you as a designer. It will help if you remove the sarcasm and the facetiousness.
  7. Kenley’s over confidence that annoyed Leanne in episode nine is back with avengeance! “What does Tim really know about hip-hop anyway,” she argues. “I definitely know more about hip-hop than Tim does.” And this is after she picks out a floral fabric and says it looks like grafitti. Hello, the year is 2008, grafitti hasn’t been a part of hip-hop since like over a decade.
  8. Kenley tries to blame Leanne for her out of tune look – “Leanne is not trying to sell my look. She looks like a big fat poser.”
  9. Heidi Klum introduces guest judge LL Cool J as a musical innovator and a style icon. Funny, everywhere else he’s called a rapper.
  10. Korto’s honkytonk badonkadonk! Heidi even compliments the silhouette of her country backside – and did we hear a little Borat accent there? – “very naaace.”
  11. Kenley catches serious attitude as the designers rip apart her un-hip-hop look!
  12. Suede looks like a low rent Boy George in Korto’s punk look. But he did rock it down the runway!
  13. We love how Jerell sexes up Kenley into a pop princess! And apparently we’re not the only ones loving Kenley Spears because when Heidi says she wanted to see more support in the chest, LL Cool J quips “they look supported!”
  14. We’re happy Korto won the challenge, but we totally feel Jerell was robbed! Just like in episode 5!
  15. The preview for next week’s episode has Jerell, Korto and Kenley CRYING! We…can…not…wait!
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Project Runway Watch: Jerell Scott Wins ‘Working Girl’ Challenge

The Project Runway designers were given the task of making over recent college grads and giving them a work-appropriate look for their entry into the working force. A few of the designers completely missed the mark and wound up channeling the costumes on Working Girl.

Jerell Scott, however, came out on top, winning rave reviews from the judges for completely transforming a lanky, quirky girl into a chic and hip woman. Blindie is ga ga over Jerell and his upbeat personality served with a side of sass!

Here are Blindie’s Top Ten moments:

  1. Jerell reveals his first job was at McDonalds! We’re lovin’ it!
  2. Korto sets out to design a piece with leather and declares, “Since Stella is gone, I’m the queen of lea-thah!
  3. Jerell references drag queen Hedda Lettuce as he describes Leanne’s difficult client: “We were all kind of waiting to see who was gonna get the Hedda Lettuce in this challenge and it seems like it might be Leanne.”
  4. Jerell pokes fun at Joe’s outdated skirt suit and his use of pocket squares for a young woman: “Come on Joe, you’re gonna work on Nancy Reagan tomorrow.
  5. After chuckling with Kenley about Joe’s 1980s design, Jerell then turns the sass on Kenley: “She can make one hell of a fifties, sixties dress, that’s all, and that’s all she serves up!
  6. Kenley’s cockiness is out of control as she dismisses Tim’s critiques: “Tim doesn’t really understand me as a designer. I never really change anything for Tim.” She then rips apart Suede: “That’s why he’s not a good designer, he can’t incorporate his style into different looks…it’s horrible, horrible.”
  7. Michael Kors says of Joe’s design disaster, “Talk about a time capsule! You could almost seriously wear that and go to a “Working Girl party!”
  8. Korto may mumble a lot and seem sort of cranky but she can make a mean jacket! Her impeccable tailoring wins Blindie’s vote!
  9. Heidi says Suede’s design “was dated, overworked and completely impractical,” while guest judge Cynthia Rowley calls it “just a disaster.” So why is Joe out and Suede in? Please bring back the double elimination.
  10. Jerell wins another challenge! Hell yeah!
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