Kanye West Music Video Virus

VIDEO VIRUS: ‘I’m Caucasian’ NBA Parody Of Kanye West’s ‘Amazing’

A parody of Kanye West‘s song “Amazing” created by Kno of CunninLynguists is serving as a hilarious musical tribute to the shortcomings of caucasian NBA players and gaining popularity online.

Of course the song is filled with stereotypes, and sure it’s offensive, but it’s funny as hell! And for those who don’t agree, the video creator has this message: “I reserve my right, as a white guy cut from the JV team in 10th grade, to indulge in self-parody. Sensitive people, save your energy and faux-disgust for something that really matters, kthnx. Those of you without a stick up your ass, enjoy!”

Here are just a few snippets of the lyrics:

I’m caucasian
It’s the reason
Michael Jordan’s hittin’ 40 this evenin’

I’m exhausted, barely breathing
I been sittin on the bench all season

And no matter what they’ll never pass it to me
My range is as far as my arms can reach

Im caucasian / White like salt packs
If I ain’t translucent / What you call that?
I’m notorious / spin move laborious
Lucky if I get minutes with the Warriors
I like mayonnaise, I like sodium
We prolly lost if you see me at the podium

I’m caucasian
So caucasian

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