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Gossip Girl Creator Josh Schwartz Ditches Prep School For Indie Rock In WB.com’s Rockville, CA

Blindie’s favorite TV show creator Josh Schwartz, of Gossip Girl fame and the upcoming spin off about the young love affair of GG‘s Rufus and Lily, is taking his teen action online with the new series Rockville, CA on the WB.com.

Schwartz returns to his O.C. setting of California but gets edgy by taping all of the shows -and here’s the hook…at the fictional indie Club Rockville set in L.A.’s artsy Echo Park. Music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas wrangles real indie bands for each show, with undiscovered gems like Travis, Kaiser Chiefs, the Broken West, Death Metal, and Frightened Rabbit slated for upcoming shows.

When asked why indie music and why web? Schwartz tells Paste magazine, “When I was in my twenties, pre O.C. I spent a lot of time at clubs like the Troubador and Spaceland and would go there multiple times a week.

“And so to try and recreate that feeling of being that age and having those venues be your home away from home felt like a fun setting and a great way to incorporate a lot of live music. I love music and I felt like music had succeeded on the Internet. The web has been a good tool for people to discover music and so I thought if I could combine both then that would be ideal.”

With each episode ranging from four to six minutes, Rockville is an easy way to get your indie music fix while you’re downloading to your ipod.

As far as breakout talent goes, our money is on Friday the 13th‘s Ryan Hansen who has appeared in episodes of That’s So Raven and Veronica Mars and Terry Tate “Mighty Rasta”, who has appeared in Norbit (but, we won’t hold that against him) and numerous TV shows over the years from Malcom in the Middle to Prison Break and Numb3rs.

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Gossip Girl Spinoff To Focus On Teen Years Of Lily And Rufus And Their Love Affair

Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage announce plans for a spinoff of the popular novel-based series that will be a prequel focusing on Rufus Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen’s wild teenage years.

The spinoff set in California is an original idea by Shwartz and Savage that will tell the story of Rufus and Lily’s love affair and the resulting pregnancy.

After falling out with her parents Lily Rhodes (maiden name) leaves behind the luxury of her wealthy parents and moves in with her sister, a black sheep of the family, and experiences the fast times of Los Angeles in the 1980s.

“We are inspired by the opportunity to tell overlapping stories and introduce characters that will appear in the past and the present — and hopefully enrich both shows,” Schwartz said. “We love exploring fashion, pop culture, music and a heightened world that’s just a little more fun than the one we actually live in. L.A. in the ’80s totally fits the bill.”

The CW has ordered a “backdoor pilot” of the new show with plans to air it as a Gossip Girl episode on May 11.

Blindie is already ga ga for what we’re sure will be an awesome 80s soundtrack and a rad wardrobe!

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