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Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Mickey Rourke Are Two Gun-Slinging Outlaws In KILLSHOT

Former 3rd Rock From the Sun star turned indie cutie Joseph Gordon-Levitt partners up with comeback kid Mickey Rourke in the crime thriller Killshot based on the novel by Elmore Leonard.

Rourke and Levitt’s onscreen partnership is reminiscent of Russell Crowe and Ben Forster in 3:10 to Yuma; Rourke’s the calm veteran hitman and Levitt’s the young maniac killer in training that never seizes the opportunity given by Rourke to ascend from his amateurish ways. Levitt, an extremely talented actor, has brilliantly played this self-destructive role before (see Mysterious Skin, Stop-Loss), that’s why Blindie’s anticipating Levitt’s upcoming departure role as Cobra Commander in Stephen Sommers’ G.I. Joe.

Rosario Dawson plays the supporting role as Levitt’s girlfriend and was very much underused here. Judging from her performance in Seven Pounds, Blindie knows she can bring it.

Mickey Rourke’s comeback is definitely not a one hit wonder, look for him in Iron Man 2 and he’ll re-team with Rosario Dawson in Sin City 2.

Killshot is yet another exploration in the criminal psychology and competitiveness between men where women are merely glanced at from a peripheral.

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