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Jon Voight Slams Obama And Rails Against The Media

Actor and staunch Republican Jon Voight joins the bandwagon and attacks Barack Obama’s “celebrity.”

“Obama has a nice way of speaking. He can read a television monitor,” Voight says in an effort to belittle the Democratic nominee. “He’d be terrific in my part of the world … But he’s being manipulated guys….It’s a science, and we think that that’s a guy who can take care of our country?”

The actor, whose celebrity daughter Angelina Jolie causes a worldwide media frenzy at the mere birth of a child, then goes on to accuse the media of making a spectacle of Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin’s pregnant teen daughter.

Coincidentally, like a true Hollywood celebrity, Voight is also promoting his upcoming film, An American Carol, a satire about an anti-American filmmaker who is visited by three ghosts who show him the true spirit of the country. (Yes, it’s a spoof on Oscar-winning liberal Michael Moore!)

But Blindie’s guessing the ghost of the future will not be a black presidential candidate who shows him change in America.

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