Media Race Matters

RushmoreDrive: Google For Black People

Johnny C. Taylor, President and CEO of Black Web Enterprises, has launched RushmoreDrive because he thinks Google isn’t providing adequate search results for black people.

Taylor’s black search engine promises to deliver more of what black people are looking for online–such as, Taylor points out.

Apparently when the word “whitney” is searched in Google, it brings up results on the Whitney Museum rather than information on the ups and downs of Whitney Houston. And Taylor thinks black people are more interested in ‘hell-to-the-no’ Houston, rather than modern art.

Using a special algorithm, the site picks up on search patterns and learns from what people are clicking on to bring up more “black” results.

The first snag to a racial-profiling search engine: When RushmoreDrive was first launched white people visiting the site were skewing results and bringing up more “white” results (probably bringing up more info on museums and science, you know, nonsensical things like that).

To prevent RushmoreDrive from becoming another white Google, the company is launching a campaign, making appearances on the Tavis Smiley show and sponsoring a 10-city gospel tour with Regina Belle.

But how will they keep all of those white people from nosing around on the site and messing up their black algorithm?

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