GIMME FIVE: Top Moments From SNL 40

Saturday Night Live turned 40 with a three-and-a-half hour live episode on Sunday and a reunion of cast members from over the years. Here are Blindie’s top 5 moments from the extra long episode.

Nick Cannon and Jimmy Fallon Face-Off with a Cosby Impersonation

Nick Cannon made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Monday and showed off his comic skills by impersonating BIll Cosby. Not to be outdone by Mariah Carey’s husband, Jimmy Fallon proved he could mimic the “Pudding Pops” also and gave the best white man impression of a black man that we’ve seen in a long time.

Ga Ga: The Roots As House Band On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon may have been nervous, and sweaty, and umm, not as funny as we remembered him from Saturday Night Live, but at least his house band The Roots were on top of their game.

Not since The Arsenio Hall Show has hip-hop had such a presence in late night televison and The Roots are poised to go even further than Branford Marsalis and his horn could as Jay Leno’s music man. Last night’s slow jam of the news with emphasis on the “stimulus package” gave us a good taste of the band’s versatility and humor.

The Philly band actually welcomed the regular television gig and dismissed concerns of being “neutered” or mocked by other entertainers in the industry. Drumer ?uestlove, who backed up Dave Chappelle on a few of his television episodes, tells Newsweek magazine that the Fallon show”…enabled us to survive. This would basically match or surpass what we would make touring 200-plus days out of the year” and “this allows us to be home.”

Blindie is ga ga for The Roots as a late night house band and wants more slow jam news!