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Project Runway Watch: Jerell Scott Wins ‘Working Girl’ Challenge

The Project Runway designers were given the task of making over recent college grads and giving them a work-appropriate look for their entry into the working force. A few of the designers completely missed the mark and wound up channeling the costumes on Working Girl.

Jerell Scott, however, came out on top, winning rave reviews from the judges for completely transforming a lanky, quirky girl into a chic and hip woman. Blindie is ga ga over Jerell and his upbeat personality served with a side of sass!

Here are Blindie’s Top Ten moments:

  1. Jerell reveals his first job was at McDonalds! We’re lovin’ it!
  2. Korto sets out to design a piece with leather and declares, “Since Stella is gone, I’m the queen of lea-thah!
  3. Jerell references drag queen Hedda Lettuce as he describes Leanne’s difficult client: “We were all kind of waiting to see who was gonna get the Hedda Lettuce in this challenge and it seems like it might be Leanne.”
  4. Jerell pokes fun at Joe’s outdated skirt suit and his use of pocket squares for a young woman: “Come on Joe, you’re gonna work on Nancy Reagan tomorrow.
  5. After chuckling with Kenley about Joe’s 1980s design, Jerell then turns the sass on Kenley: “She can make one hell of a fifties, sixties dress, that’s all, and that’s all she serves up!
  6. Kenley’s cockiness is out of control as she dismisses Tim’s critiques: “Tim doesn’t really understand me as a designer. I never really change anything for Tim.” She then rips apart Suede: “That’s why he’s not a good designer, he can’t incorporate his style into different looks…it’s horrible, horrible.”
  7. Michael Kors says of Joe’s design disaster, “Talk about a time capsule! You could almost seriously wear that and go to a “Working Girl party!”
  8. Korto may mumble a lot and seem sort of cranky but she can make a mean jacket! Her impeccable tailoring wins Blindie’s vote!
  9. Heidi says Suede’s design “was dated, overworked and completely impractical,” while guest judge Cynthia Rowley calls it “just a disaster.” So why is Joe out and Suede in? Please bring back the double elimination.
  10. Jerell wins another challenge! Hell yeah!
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