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Al Sharpton Says: Dancing With The Stars May Be His Next Step

Al Sharpton spoke to TV Guide about how his dedication to this year’s presidential election kept him from hot-stepping it on Dancing with the Stars this year and his plans to keep his dance card open for the next season.

“I turned down Dancing with the Stars last season because I was committed to do voter registration …this is a very important election. So, I may do it next season…if they offer again I may do it.”

Sharpton is no stranger to the music and dance scene as he once served as tour manager for the legendary James Brown and even toured with the great Mahalia Jackson when he was a young preacher.

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Spike Lee: Wesley Snipes Would ‘Kill’ In James Brown Biopic

Spike Lee has plans to bring the life story of The Godfather of Soul to the big screen and thinks Wesley Snipes is the right man to fill those sliding shoes.

Lee told King magazine that Snipes is “a phenomenal actor…if my James Brown picture ever gets made, he’ll be playing James, and he’d kill in that, without a doubt. He still has chops.”

The biopic is not listed on IMDB but Lee had reportedly been working on the production with James Brown before the singer’s passing in 2006.

Even though Lee has worked so well with Snipes in the past with Mo’ Better Blues (1990) and Jungle Fever (1991), Blindie would rather see Eddie Murphy play James Brown -remember his impersonation on Delirious in 1983?

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Janelle Monae on James Brown: ‘There is No Other Performer Like Him Today’

With her current project, Metropolis, being released in four separate “suites,” Janelle Monae took the time to talk to the S.F. Fashion Examiner about her musical tastes, clothing style and inspiration.

Here’s a snippet of her ode to the late James Brown–the Godfather of Soul.

“I love James Brown,” she said. “There is no other performer like him today. I don’t think there will be another performer like him.”

“I really loved his humanitarian characteristics. He was a philanthropist. He cared about his community,” the Kansas-native added. “For me, I have a core value that I strongly stick to–I have a responsibility to my community and other young girls…James Brown is someone I always looked up to because he never got too detached from his community and his upbringing. He made sure he always stayed connected to the people.”

Check out the complete interview.

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Christie’s To Auction James Brown’s Hair Curlers

A judge has given the OK to auction the possessions of the late James Brown, according to the New York Times.

Nearly 350 items belonging to the Godfather of Soul, including hair curlers, outfits and a green vinyl sofa, will be auctioned at New York’s Christie’s International on Thursday. The sale is expected to make up to $2 million.

The legendary funk singer died from congestive heart failure on Christmas Day 2006. He was 73.


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