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Happy Birthday: Grammy Winner, Heart Disease Survivor & Dancing Star Toni Braxton Turns 41

Grammy-winning singer and Dancing with the Stars contestant Toni Braxton turns 41 on Tuesday.

The stunning songstress, who is a heart disease survivor and a spokesperson for the American Heart Association, was recently diagnosed with microvascular angina–a disease where tiny blood vessels bringing blood to the heart become blocked.

But the fearless beauty isn’t letting her ailment stop her from living: “I was so afraid just to jump, dance, and live life, so I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to get over my fears.”

Happy Birthday, Toni!

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STUDY: Beauty Salons No Longer Just for Gossip, Tracks & Bootlegs

In a new study researchers used beauty shops to educate African American women about stroke warning signs and risk factors, according to Reuters.

To spread the word about strokes, researchers from the University of Cincinnati implemented an educational intervention for hairdressers and their clients in Cincinnati and Atlanta-area salons.

“Our results suggest that the beauty shop is a potentially excellent educational setting for stroke and other health issues for black women and should be used in future studies,” the researchers conclude about black women who tend to be widely uninformed about their high-risk factor for heart disease.

Blindie wonders whether the researchers even considered performing their study in church. Do black women really spend that much time at the salon?

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