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Maggie Gyllenhaal Gets A New Hot Crop & All-Natural Fashion Cause

One of Blindie’s favorite actresses Maggie Gyllenhaal looked radiant during Fashion Week in Los Angeles–and it wasn’t because of her new hair cut. The acclaimed actress hosted SoyJoy’s Fashionably Natural, a groundbreaking runway show that showcased designers who work exclusively with all-natural fabrics.

The socially-conscious icon, who follows in the footsteps of other eco-fashion figures (Stella McCartney, Natalie Portman), told Entertainment Tonight that before teaming up with SoyJoy on the show, “I sort of thought of eco-friendly clothing as misshapen hemp sweaters from 1992.”

But Gyllenhaal insists that just because you wear all-natural fabrics, “You still have to vote and you still have to be a responsible citizen!”

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