Gossip Girl Watch: It’s Fashion Frenzy As Blair Conspires, Serena Sparkles, And Dan And Chuck Land In Jail

The frenzy of Fashion Week may be over in New York but it was just getting started on Gossip Girl. Secrets were revealed, backs were stabbed, and socialites sparkled. Just another day in the life of an Upper East Sider!

Here are Blindie’s highlights and lowlights:

  1. Jenny ditches her high-priced prep school to work full time at Eleanor Waldorf’s atelier and attend Fashion Week.
  2. Goody Two-Shoe Dan Humphrey seeks out bad boy Chuck Bass to help him venture out of his comfort zone and write a good story, which prompts Chuck to ask, “Are you gay?”
  3. Chuck pulls Dan over to the dark side by plying him with alcohol then pressuring him to take a pill and go “down the rabbit hole” by chiding “either you’re in for the full ride or you’re out.”
  4. Dan gets into a bar fight when he sticks up for Chuck, landing them both in jail!
  5. Chuck shows us his vulnerable side as he pitifully tries to get quality time with his father and then reveals to Dan that his mother died giving birth to him. Of course Chuck later retracts the heart-wrenching story and puts Dan on warning for belying his confidence.
  6. Bart Bass has a police file on his new wife, which includes her college letters. Geez, is that how the Bass men express their love?
  7. Blair is in full sabotage mode as she rats out Jenny to her dad, rearranges the seating chart for her mother’s fashion show putting Serena in the back row, sends the all of the models home and then switches dresses on Serena -all in an effort to humiliate Jenny.
  8. Dan asks Chuck “How do you know so many twins?” And Chuck answers “twins find me.” We never get tired of dialogue like that!
  9. After Serena’s new friend, Peggy Lifton, advises her to stop hiding her light and being less sparkly just to spare Blair’s feelings, Serena stomps it out on the runway and works it for the paparazzi!
  10. Blair shows a glimmer of kindness as she sticks up for Jenny when Eleanor Waldorf finds out Serena walked the catwalk in the wrong dress. Is Blair finally starting to realize that Jenny is more like her than she wanted to admit and probably her only friend right now.
  11. Jenny not only ignores her father’s call on her cell, but she denies him entry to the fashion show! Looks like it’s time for Rufus to stop paying those school fees and send someone to public school. Good thing Jenny is planning to drop out of school anyways.
  12. And where is Chace Crawford as sulky Nate and Jessica Szohr as ambiguously ethnic Vanessa?! We were so into their unrequited love story!

Ethnicity Revealed: Jessica Szhor, Vanessa Hudgens And Many Others

What’s their ethnicity? It’s the question on everyone’s mind and Blindie has done a little racial profiling to satisfy your inquiring minds.

Here is the racial scoop on the most ambiguous ethnic people in Hollywood:

Jessica Szohr: Gossip Girl‘s not-so-rich gal pal had us all guessing when she kept offering up ethnic delights from pierogies to souvlaki on the show. The real deal is that Szohr boasts a mix of African American, Caucasian, and Hungarian.

Vanessa Hudgens: The High School Musical triple threat touts a mother of Filipino descent and a father of Irish and Native American heritage.

Nicole Scherzinger: The Pussycat Doll was born in Hawaii to a Filipino father and a Hawaiian/Russian mother.

Fred Armisen: Saturday Night Live‘s funnyman may play African American presidential candidate Barack Obama in skits but he actually lays claim to German, Japanese and Venezualan heritage.

Gabrielle Reece: The statuesque volleyball beauty owes her beach affinity to her island roots. She was born to a Trinidadian father and a white mother on the island of Trinidad and raised in the Virgin Islands.

Cassie: The model turned Bad Boy recording artist has a Filipino father and a mother of West Indian, African American and Mexican descent.

Gossip Girl Watch: Serena’s Rise To Queen Bee

The second season of Gossip Girl just keeps getting better with each episode: The love triangles have turned into full on incest circles, and the girls are back to school and back to their dirty tricks.

Here are Blindie’s Top Ten moments:

  1. Blair’s ethnic sidekick Nicole Fiscella as Isabel Coates is back! And she’s actually talking and scheming!
  2. Dan Humphrey’s has moved on – before Serena! And with some new girl named Amanda!
  3. Blair intimidates the Dan’s new girl Amanda and tries to bring her into “the fold” to prevent her from getting close to S’s ex!
  4. Cougar Duchess tries to bribe Vanessa to stay out of Nate’s life with a $5,000 check! And when Vanessa returns the check she catches the Duchess in the throes of passion with her stepson Lord Marcus!
  5. Dan advises Vanessa to seek Blair’s help in turning the tables on the Duchess: “Google revenge and you get BlairWaldorf.com”
  6. Lily, whose wedded bliss is fast wearing off, shows up unannounced at Rufus’ loft with a bottle of wine and a DVD of Pretty in Pink in hand. Then his date shows up! Sorry Lily, this Jake Ryan is taken!
  7. Blair’s bitch clique takes harassement to a new level when they throw lye on Amanda’s hair! And…little Jenny Humphrey’s next!
  8. Poor naive Vanessa almost ruins Blair’s scheme when she tries to take matters into her own hand by confronting Lord Marcus’ father about his tryst with Duchess Cougar. She should’ve just posted the photo on Gossip Girl !
  9. Serena finally flips her bitch switch and announces to the clique: “For now on everything goes through me.” And her first order as Queen Bee? Treat Dan Humphrey like a leper!
  10. And our FAVORITE moment…Finding out that Chuck Bass orchestrated new girl Amanda moving in on Dan to push Serena onto the Queen Bee throne in order to get back at Blair whom we all know he totally LOVES!

Gossip Girl‘s Jessica Szohr: TV’s Latest Phenom of the Ambiguous Ethnic Girl

Gossip Girl‘s Jessica Szohr isn’t the first token TV character. Take a look back: Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies) on Saved By the Bell. Rhonda Blair (Vanessa A. Williams) on Melrose Place. And Cleveland Brown on The Family Guy. But the latest phenomenon is the beautiful, ambiguously-ethnic character.

Take Szohr as Vanessa Abrams on the CW’s hugely popular teen soap. She came onto the lily-white set of Gossip Girl as the boho-esque, Williamsburg hipster waitress who had gifts from Eastern Europe in tow on her first episode.

Although Szohr’s character was a sharp contrast to the non-speaking, harajuku-costumed black (played by Nicole Fiscella) and Asian (played by Nan Zhang) background characters on the show, it was quite confusing to peg Szohr’s ethnicity. Her hair was curly (she could be Puerto Rican/Dominican?), but her eyes were blue/green and her skin was basically the same color as her castmates. She is reportedly Hungarian and African-American.

Another primetime example is Rashida Jones as Karen Filippelli on The Office. Calling Karen “exotic,” Steve Carell’s charmingly clueless character puts everyone’s (even our own) curiosity to rest, asking Karen, “Is your father a G.I.?” As most may know, Rashida is Quincy Jones’ daughter with Mod Squad star Peggy Lipton. Her sister is Kidada Jones.

But, while on past shows, except for Lisa on Saved by the Bell (who was famously fawned over by the un-dateable Screech, and dated Zac Morris for an episode), these characters are far cries from the sassy black girlfriend who tells it like it is roles we’ve been bamboozled by. They are actually part of major romantic story lines.

On The Office, Jones’ character was involved in the fabled love triangle between John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer. While Szohr’s character shook things up between Blake Lively and Penn Badgley. She also went on to date the prettiest character on the show, Chace Crawford (pictured above). Before joining GG, Szohr also played Barry Watson’s neighbor and love interest in the cancelled ABC series, What About Brian?

”Do I want to see any more shows where someone has a sassy black friend? No, because I’m nobody’s sassy black friend,” Girlfriends creator Mara Brock Akil recently told Entertainment Weekly of TV’s lack of diversity. “I just want to see shows in which people get to be people and that look like the world we live in.”

As our frustrations with TV’s lack of color continue to flourish, enjoy this Entertainment Weekly article, “Why is TV so White?”

PHOTO: Courtesy of The CW