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Gap Fashion Designer Patrick Robinson Shares His Style Secrets with In Style

Ga Ga worthy fashion designer Patrick Robinson is sharing his style essentials and secrets in In Style’s February issue.

The 42-year-old designer, who once was at the helm of Perry Ellis and Paco Rabanne, says, “Don’t wait for a special occasion to show off your inner and outer style. Reveal your individuality every day in your wardrobe but also in what makes you happy and what you believe in.”

In addition to advising women to stand out, Robinson suggests investing in statement jewelry, a well-fitting pair of jeans and knowing how to buy a suit for your man.

“Men see the big picture, but women take time to see the details when shopping,” asserts Robinson. “Train a man to zero in on the points that matter—or just buy it for him. He’s bound to look better.”

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Ga Ga: The Unveiling of Designer Patrick Robinson’s Fall Collection For Gap

Breathing new life into their brand, Gap has released its fall marketing campaign under the helm of designer Patrick Robinson, the company’s executive vice president of design.

The ads, which promote Robinson’s first full collection, feature Liv Tyler, Ginnifer Goodwin, Hugh Dancy, and Sean Avery. With Robinson’s talent and this new campaign, Gap is hoping to get out of its recent sales slump.

“If you look at his work,” Gary Muto, who oversees adult apparel for Gap, told Business Week, “there is a consistent handwriting and point of view.”

Of the company’s decline in sales, Robinson adds, “It wasn’t being Gap.”

Blindie has been ga ga over Robinson for years, following his design career through stints with Anne Klein, Giorgio Armani, Perry Ellis and Paco Rabanne.

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