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Ga Ga: Dania Ramirez of Heroes & Quarantine Fame

With the No. 2 film at the box office, Quarantine star Dania Ramirez is going places.

While Blindie hasn’t really watched a scary film since The Sixth Sense, we have noticed Ramirez’s rising star with her stint on HBO’s The Sopranos, where she played AJ’s older girlfriend, to her current role on NBC’s Heroes.

Sucking the life out of anyone who pisses her off, Ramirez’s role as Maya Herrera finds her also making out with one of TV’s hottest guys, Sendhil Ramamurthy! For this (and the fact that we love that a hot Latina is going sci-fi), she’s on Blindie’s ga ga list!

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Ga Ga: Male Model Pierre Woods in Ralph Lauren Olympics Ad Campaign

New York Model Management’s Pierre Woods has got Blindie’s heart racing with his ads for The Olympic Collection by Ralph Lauren.

“To see yourself in an advertisement while you are walking down the street is kind of breathtaking,” the 26-year-old stunner recently said. “And it’s rewarding to know that you are being a part of something that’s above yourself. It’s something the entire country is sharing.”

Beyond his beauty, Woods has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Illinois State University on an athletic scholarship.

“He’s the next Tyson Beckford,” a source close to the model tells Blindie. Although he seems to be following Beckford’s Ralph Lauren footsteps, we’re also rooting for Wendell Lissimore.

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Ga Ga: Blindie’s Fave ‘Look Book’ Besties

In its latest Look Book column, New York magazine profiles three pairs of BFFs–and their complementary style. Now, Blindie’s going ga ga for the brownest pair: stylist Mengly Hernandez and her best friend, photographer Naila Ruechel.

Recalling their first meeting five years ago, Ruechel says Hernandez “had this big hair and was so beautiful, and I said, ‘Can I photograph you?'”

Hernandez, the more reserved of the duo, says, “I don’t open myself up to people very often. You can’t, because most people are looking for an opportunity.”

But Ruechel went out on a limb, saving the opportunity for their now-five-year-friendship: “I was just like, ‘Girl, relax. It’s gonna be all right.’ She’s gotten much better, though.”

Blindie recently spotted Ms. Mengly on one of our favorite sites, LadyGunn.com, where she appeared on the cover of the online magazine’s inaugural issue.

PHOTO: Glenn Glasser for New York magazine

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Ga Ga: Little Jackie’s Anything But Little

With her bold lyrics and fresh fro, singer-songwriter Imani Coppola of Brooklyn-based hip-hop/pop duo Little Jackie (also, with programmer Adam Pallin), has an indie hit on her hands with “The World Should Revolve Around Me”—off their CD, The Stoop.

We recently spotted the video for the single on TV, and were elated by the skating culture, Brooklyn stoops, and a cameo by actress Rosie Perez (no, she didn’t give us any aggressive dance moves in spandex and ghetto gold earrings!)

As for the aforementioned lyrics: If every woman felt this way about themselves, we wouldn’t have so many Lifetime Original Movies:

There’s only one me in the galaxy
I am an endangered species
This kind of flower don’t grow on Earth
Just lettin’ you know for what it’s worth

PHOTO: Courtesy of Little Jackie

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Ga Ga: J*Davey Releases Double LP

The duo J*Davey (Jack Davey & Brook D’Leau), which has been praised by ?Questlove as the “swift kick in the ass I’ve been praying for black music to produce,” partied and performed Tuesday night at their double EP release party for their latest effort, The Beauty in Distortion/The Land of the Lost, at The Echo Park in L.A.

Their fusion of soul-based melodies, electro-funk and New Wave is beyond categorization of Neo-Soul or R&B—they’ve created their own trail mix of influences from Prince to Peter Gabriel. “We’re the black Eurythmics,” D’Leau said in 2006.

Although the twosome formed J*Davey in 1999, it was their single, “Mr. Mister,” featuring Jack Davey straddling a mannequin in black lingerie—that had the Internet buzzing.

We’re currently ga ga for their song, “Turn the Lights Out“, and for this YouTube clip of Jack Davey’s (real name: Briana Cartwright) former life as an Assistant Music Producer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

PHOTO: Courtesy of J*Davey by Pablo Aguilar

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