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Fashion Models Wendell Lissimore

Ga Ga: G-Star Raw’s Runway Show With Benicio Del Toro And Wendell Lissimore

Blindie was front and center at G-Star Raw’s Fall/Winter 2009 runway show on Tuesday at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom along with Star Trek‘s Zoe Saldana, 90210‘s Shenae Grimes, and Make Me A Supermodel‘s Tyson Beckford.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Ga Ga-worthy model Wendell Lissimore walk the runway and cheered with everyone when G-star’s new “Icon” Benicio Del Toro came out to read Joy Division’s “Candidate” before the finale.

The show began with black and white formal attire reminiscent of the 1930s and 40s–we even spied a women’s variation of a bowler hat. The bygone era then seamlessly gave way to G-Star’s quintessential military stylings–early aviator and sailor inspired ensembles adorned with dramatic collars, and straps and buckles that would make Edward Scissorhands proud. Two live pianists played a dramatic classical score throughout that evoked the beauty and gravity of both the silent film era and the future.

Blindie is ga ga for G-Star Raw and we are making it our new religion!

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Fashion Models Sessilee Lopez

New York Fashion Week: Spend a Day with Model Sessilee Lopez

It was only in January when Blindie reported on model Sessilee Lopez‘s hot Calvin Klein ads, and now the Philadelphia-bred stunner is taking over New York Fashion Week.

In a video diary for the New York Daily News, Lopez chronicles her first full day at fashion week last Friday from a fitting for Marc Jacobs to walking for Jason Wu.

“I have fairly small feet for a model so I always run into shoe troubles,” the 20-year-old model confesses. “I’m stuffed in and taped and glued down but that doesn’t really help. At every show my heart is in my throat right before I walk out.”

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Fashion The Real Housewives

Will Sheree Whitfield Finally Debut “She By Sheree” At New York Fashion Week In February?

After launching the clothing line “She by Sheree” without any actual clothes, The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Sheree Whitfield may finally debut some garments at New York’s Fashion Week in February.

With an appeal pending on her divorce settlement of $775,000 lump sum, more than $1.1 million in marital property, and $2,142 a month in child support, we hope Whitfield will be able to secure more of that “seven-figure lump sum” settlement money she’s been asking for to help foot the $50,000 tab a runway show at Fashion Week costs. Maybe her “fashion fairy godfather” Mychael Knight of Project Runway can help!

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Fashion Politics

Maggie Gyllenhaal Gets A New Hot Crop & All-Natural Fashion Cause

One of Blindie’s favorite actresses Maggie Gyllenhaal looked radiant during Fashion Week in Los Angeles–and it wasn’t because of her new hair cut. The acclaimed actress hosted SoyJoy’s Fashionably Natural, a groundbreaking runway show that showcased designers who work exclusively with all-natural fabrics.

The socially-conscious icon, who follows in the footsteps of other eco-fashion figures (Stella McCartney, Natalie Portman), told Entertainment Tonight that before teaming up with SoyJoy on the show, “I sort of thought of eco-friendly clothing as misshapen hemp sweaters from 1992.”

But Gyllenhaal insists that just because you wear all-natural fabrics, “You still have to vote and you still have to be a responsible citizen!”

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Fashion ObamaNation Politics

Obama On The Runway: Sonia Rykiel, Donatella Versace, Stella McCartney And More…

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac on left, and Sonia Rykiel

Barack Obama boasts a bevy of paraphernelia bearing his likeness, from buttons and t-shirts to limited edition custom sneakers -and now high fashion can be added to the list.

Moroccan born designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac included the presidential nominee’s image on a dress as part of his Spring 2009 line, and Sonia Rykiel’s collection featured sweaters emblazoned with the democrat’s name.

Other designers didn’t wear their political choices on their sleeves but paid hommage to the red party nevertheless. Donatella Versace remarked in the press that her recent men’s collection was inspired by “the type of man Barack Obama represents,” and Stella McCartney wrote “P.S. Vote Obama!!” at the end of her show’s program.


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Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr TV

Gossip Girl Watch: It’s Fashion Frenzy As Blair Conspires, Serena Sparkles, And Dan And Chuck Land In Jail

The frenzy of Fashion Week may be over in New York but it was just getting started on Gossip Girl. Secrets were revealed, backs were stabbed, and socialites sparkled. Just another day in the life of an Upper East Sider!

Here are Blindie’s highlights and lowlights:

  1. Jenny ditches her high-priced prep school to work full time at Eleanor Waldorf’s atelier and attend Fashion Week.
  2. Goody Two-Shoe Dan Humphrey seeks out bad boy Chuck Bass to help him venture out of his comfort zone and write a good story, which prompts Chuck to ask, “Are you gay?”
  3. Chuck pulls Dan over to the dark side by plying him with alcohol then pressuring him to take a pill and go “down the rabbit hole” by chiding “either you’re in for the full ride or you’re out.”
  4. Dan gets into a bar fight when he sticks up for Chuck, landing them both in jail!
  5. Chuck shows us his vulnerable side as he pitifully tries to get quality time with his father and then reveals to Dan that his mother died giving birth to him. Of course Chuck later retracts the heart-wrenching story and puts Dan on warning for belying his confidence.
  6. Bart Bass has a police file on his new wife, which includes her college letters. Geez, is that how the Bass men express their love?
  7. Blair is in full sabotage mode as she rats out Jenny to her dad, rearranges the seating chart for her mother’s fashion show putting Serena in the back row, sends the all of the models home and then switches dresses on Serena -all in an effort to humiliate Jenny.
  8. Dan asks Chuck “How do you know so many twins?” And Chuck answers “twins find me.” We never get tired of dialogue like that!
  9. After Serena’s new friend, Peggy Lifton, advises her to stop hiding her light and being less sparkly just to spare Blair’s feelings, Serena stomps it out on the runway and works it for the paparazzi!
  10. Blair shows a glimmer of kindness as she sticks up for Jenny when Eleanor Waldorf finds out Serena walked the catwalk in the wrong dress. Is Blair finally starting to realize that Jenny is more like her than she wanted to admit and probably her only friend right now.
  11. Jenny not only ignores her father’s call on her cell, but she denies him entry to the fashion show! Looks like it’s time for Rufus to stop paying those school fees and send someone to public school. Good thing Jenny is planning to drop out of school anyways.
  12. And where is Chace Crawford as sulky Nate and Jessica Szohr as ambiguously ethnic Vanessa?! We were so into their unrequited love story!
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Color on the Cover Fashion Ga Ga Jourdan Dunn Models

FASHION WEEK: Blindie Tracks Down Jourdan Dunn’s Latest Runway Looks

London native Jourdan Dunn (who appears on the latest cover of i-D Magazine) has many modeling accomplishments under her slim belt, including appearing on one of four Italian Vogue covers, being the first black model to walk the Prada runway in ten years, and closing the spring Rodarte show in New York on Tuesday.

Of her signature runway walk that rivals her mentor Naomi Campbell’s, the 19-year-old fashion star told Teen Vogue, “I practice a lot. My mum got me these hooker shoes and I walk around the house in them all day. I can walk in anything after those!”

Here’s a timeline of Jourdan’s latest looks fresh off the most prestigious runways:

Sat, Sept. 6 @ 5 p.m. | Alexander Wang

Sun, Sept. 7 @ 11 a.m. | DKNY

Sun, Sept. 7 @ 12 p.m. | C. Tagliapietra

Mon, Sept. 8 @ 11 a.m. | Peter Som

Mon, Sept. 8 @ 9 p.m. | Marc Jacobs

Mon, Sept. 8 @ 10 a.m. | C. Herrera

Tue, Sept. 9 @ 12 p.m. | Rodarte

Wed, Sept. 10 @ 1 p.m. | de la Renta

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