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ObamaNation: John McCain vs. Barack Obama in Pop Culture Showdown

After John McCain compared Barack Obama to Britney & Paris in a recent campaign ad, the presidential candidates sound-off on where they stand on some major pop culture issues in Entertainment Weekly‘s new feature, “The Great Presidential Pop-Culture Debate.”

Readers get a chance to see what entertains both the Democratic and Republican nominees (Did you know? McCain’s a huge ABBA fan? And the last videogame Obama played was “Pong”?). Here are a few choice battles between McCain and Obama:

First Movie Ever Seen

McCain: Bambi (Hmmm…New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd calls Obama “Bambi”!)

Obama: Born Free

American Idol Pick

McCain: Jordin Sparks

Obama: David Archuleta (Daughters Malia & Sasha are big Archie Fans)

Favorite Onscreen Presidents

McCain: Dennis Haysbert in 24

Obama: Jeff Bridges in The Contender ( “He was charming and essentially an honorable person, but there was a rogue in about him.”)

PHOTO: Entertainment Weekly

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