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Terrence Howard Speaks Out on Being Replaced By Don Cheadle in Iron Man Sequel

Actor Terrence Howard says he was surprised to learn that Don Cheadle would replace him as James Rhodes in Iron Man 2, the Oscar nominated actor told National Public Radio on Tuesday.

“There was no explanation, (the contract) just up and vanished,” Howard, who said he read news reports that money was the issue, revealed.

He adds that the contracts he signs apparently “aren’t worth the paper that they’re printed on sometimes.”

While Blindie loves us some Cheadle–who won an Oscar with Howard in 2004’s Crash–we’re sad that Hollywood thinks black actors are so easily replaceable.

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Ga Ga Jesse Williams Movies

Ga Ga: Jesse Williams Of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

Blindie is eagerly awaiting the release of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (Aug. 6) with Ugly Betty herself America Ferrera, our favorite Gossip Girl Blake Lively, and Gilmore Girls alum Alexis Bledel. But there’s a stunning new star in town for the sequel: fetching newcomer Jesse Williams.

With killer looks, piercing eyes, and a Temple University degree to boot, Williams is definitely going places. The Chicago native already starred in The N’s Beyond The Break, an episode of ABC’s Greek as the “Hotness Monster” (seriously), and will be playing with the A-listers next year when he stars in Antoine Fuqua’s Brooklyn’s Finest alongside Don Cheadle and Richard Gere.

We’re ga ga for Williams and the interview trailer where he talks about his nude modeling scene in The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2.

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