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Al Sharpton Says: Dancing With The Stars May Be His Next Step

Al Sharpton spoke to TV Guide about how his dedication to this year’s presidential election kept him from hot-stepping it on Dancing with the Stars this year and his plans to keep his dance card open for the next season.

“I turned down Dancing with the Stars last season because I was committed to do voter registration …this is a very important election. So, I may do it next season…if they offer again I may do it.”

Sharpton is no stranger to the music and dance scene as he once served as tour manager for the legendary James Brown and even toured with the great Mahalia Jackson when he was a young preacher.

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Happy Birthday: Grammy Winner, Heart Disease Survivor & Dancing Star Toni Braxton Turns 41

Grammy-winning singer and Dancing with the Stars contestant Toni Braxton turns 41 on Tuesday.

The stunning songstress, who is a heart disease survivor and a spokesperson for the American Heart Association, was recently diagnosed with microvascular angina–a disease where tiny blood vessels bringing blood to the heart become blocked.

But the fearless beauty isn’t letting her ailment stop her from living: “I was so afraid just to jump, dance, and live life, so I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to get over my fears.”

Happy Birthday, Toni!

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Al Sharpton Says...

Al Sharpton Says: The Latest Statements From the Media-Appointed Leader of All Blacks

“This is a serious election. I don’t want to be dancing with the stars when I should be protecting the vote.”

–Sharpton on declining an invitation to appear on the next season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, according to the New York Daily News. Instead, he’ll help with voter education for November’s presidential election.


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