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Ga Ga: The Daily Show‘s Resident Minority Reporter Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac joined Comedy Central’s The Daily Show in June and has been entertaining us ever since with dead-pan comedic reporting on the presidential election, the economy, and black people’s popularity among white supremacists.

The Dallas native honed his talents performing stand-up, improv and sketch comedy at the Los Angeles Upright Citizens Brigade and writing for the animated program King of the Hill. He received his first taste of national exposure when his impersonation of Barack Obama garnered a healthy Youtube following.

Cenac can be seen in the upcoming independent film Medicine for Melancholy, an angst ridden story about two twenty-something year-olds falling in love in “a rapidly gentrifying” San Francisco.

Blindie is ga ga for Cenac and will be watching his rise to stardom.

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