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Funny Man: Romany Malco Dresses Up For GQ

From his sexual tension-filled chemistry with Mary Louise Parker in Weeds to his funny sidekick roles in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Baby Mama and (Blindie’s personal favorite) Blades of Glory, comedic actor Romany Malco lands in GQ‘s Comedy Issue.

Dubbed “The New Funny,” Malco appears–all dressed up, of course–in the men’s style magazine, as one of the “8 serious reasons that the future of comedy has never looked better!”

Here’s some highlights from his QA with GQ:

  • The Funniest Movie Ever: 48 Hours
  • The Funniest TV Show Ever Made: Cops
  • The Funniest Person You Know: My dad! To this day, he resents his younger brother for punching his pet monkey.

PHOTO: Peggy Sirota for GQ

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